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Color therapy or treatment with colors

Color therapy or treatment with colors

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Colors and Health:
The light, heat and color of vibrant rainbow waves create effective vibration not only in human but animal tissues as well. This frequency creates effects on the tissues.

Specific colors affect specific glands. The details of which are as follows:

ORGAN / GLANDS COLOR (which effect)

With the help of colors every disease is treated which has been inherited since the start of mankind.

Colors & Food:
Sunlight has Mineral & gases included which is an important component of human food. Food gives us energy & strength. If we use food and light (combination of colors) together it increases energy two folds.

One day I (Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi) was inspired that sunlight has all the colors and these colors fulfill our nutritional requirements. If we store sunlight in our biological system it can fulfill our nutritional requirements. According to the program I use to sit facing towards east before sunrise and through breathing pointed my mind towards a specific aliment and stored sun rays into my stomach. As a result there was no need for food except for water and neither did I felt any weakness, however when walking it felt much lighter and the impression of walking in space was created, solid walls were seen as made of paper.

Colors & Vitamins:

Sun is an important source for the extraction of Vitamin “D”. Sunlight contains vitamins other than Vitamin D as well and every vitamin is related to some color.


The Best way of absorbing colors is to use fruits, vegetables and citrus things. The sunlight is directly absorbed in fruits and vegetables but we have to take care of color balance in our diet, by over cooking and frying a lot the colors in nutrition are lost.


All colors discharge waves of pulsation which create the feeling of cold or heat after colliding to an object. The wave length of Red color is the longest due to which the frequency created is the slowest. The wave length of violet color is least due to which it creates the fastest frequency.

Red color creates the feeling of Heat while sky blue color creates the effect of coldness. Green color is the one that creates balance.

The density of Red color limit it’s frequency and movement against this the Blue color creates the feeling of spaciousness in the environment.

Different colors create different feelings/effects e.g. Burnt (itch) by Red, Warming effect from Orange, Light warming from Yellow, Green feels no warm no chill and jujube affects cold with pinching feeling.

Color creates feelings of byte, cut, hurt, crush or hit or sting.

People don’t normally think about colors. We are inspired by viewing pictures/paintings but don’t give attention towards the nature of colors.
Through experiences it is seen that patients of Stress and Sleeplessness’ are fast cured with Violet, Blue & Turquoise Blue colors.

Red, Orange & Yellow colors extricate laziness & weakness. There is a saying of a Researcher that putting patients in Pink color environment subdues the emotions of violence and revenge. Pink color acts as a tranquilizer for veins and muscles. The effects of Pink color are now used to balance sex, family disputes, business matters and jails. Through Pink color anger is lowered. Under Pink color muscles don’t experience stress and tension. Even blind people feel relaxed in Pink colored rooms.

Red Rays are found in the following things:
Iron, Zinc, Copper, Potassium, Oxygen, Beet, Radish, Spinach, Red cherry & Red covered fruits.

Mental characteristics of Red Color:
In this color the emotions of deep interest, will power & love are involved. When the affairs of life are affected, relationships come to an end and expectations are broken and no opinion or plan works, in this condition Red color becomes predominant in the core-center of mind. When mind is under the influence of Red color, everything seems to be red.

The imbalance of Red color in the red-color center (in mind) is the proof of abnormal emotional attachment or spoiled emotions.

People who posses Red color in balance; help other people, those people keep worrying about Humanity and their race. They utilize all their abilities in favorite activities.

The people under influence of Red color spend good life. Since they cannot control themselves regarding eating, drinking and other matters, therefore, they are fatter. We necessarily pass through an era of life when Red color is predominant than all the other colors. At the time of adolescence red color becomes very powerful. It is an interesting thing that in boxers oxidized red color is dominant. The person with prevailing Red color takes special care of his/her health. Predominant Red color people are interested in bodybuilding.

This color is stimulates emotions, produces happiness and is full of life. In today’s lifestyle people mostly spend their time sitting in cars, in-front of televisions or in office and don’t exercise, as a result the epicenter of red color keeps de-activated, therefore decline surrounds them fast. The excess of Red color causes tendency of scattered-mind-ness, peevishness, displeasure and tyranny towards people.

Physical characteristics of Red Color:
Nature/Temper of Red color is Warm. This color has more constructive ability. This color creates impulse in blood, if red color is thrown on the back bone in anemia (lack of blood in body as compared to normal) then the number of R.B.C(Red Blood Cells) is increased. If a part of body is paralyzed then emitting Red rays on that part increases the flow of blood and the nervous system becomes normal and if the same rays are cast upon navel and upper limb then it creates stimulation in stiff veins.

Reddishness in the yellow epicenter increases stomach pain. The increase in red color in the lower center of throat is the cause of swelling tonsils and scratch in throat.

According to chemical analysis Yellow color is stored in Gold, Calcium, Nickel, Zinc, Copper, Platinum, Sodium, Phosphorus and Carrots, Golden Grains, Banana, Pineapple, lemon, Grapefruit & more Yellowish cover fruits.

Mental Characteristics of Yellow color:
Yellow is the color of Research. Predominant Yellow color people have keen interest in learning. Such Men/Women spend their life full of studies. Scientist, Politicians and Business People are mostly under influence of this color.

The people whose core-center of mind has more density of Yellow color then normal are Materialistic and they prefer their own benefit over others.

Any Yellow colored person is successful in worldly matters because He knows the art of making money and spending it in the right manner. Yellow color is the sunlight color, people with Yellow color are active and adopt a good lifestyle.

Yellow color stimulates the mind. If you’re ever feel anxiety then use Yellow color to write a letter. In a room where there’s no sunlight, Yellow color creates a pleasant effect on mood.

Physical characteristics of Yellow color:
Yellow color is an excellent cure for Stomach related diseases. It improves digestive strength by releasing gases from the stomach. It is beneficial in diseases such as Haemorrhoids(Bleeding), Sugar and diseases of Liver. This color removes blemishes from the body. Deficiency of Yellow color becomes a cause of diseases and it’s excess is one of reasons of Fever.


Green color exists in Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt, Platinum, Aluminum, Chlorophyll and several vegetables & green cover fruits.

Mental characteristics of Green color:
Green is a Tranquilizing color. Predominant Green color people are full of love and the rays of love spread from them which make the environment lighter, people are madly in love with them. People with prevalent green color are farmers and gardeners.

Because the Green color is created with the combination of Yellow & Sky-Blue colors, minds of people under the influence of Green color remain very active. They listen attentively to other people’s opinions. People come to them in large numbers to tell their problems and ask for solutions. These Men/Women love kids and animals and they keep happy in their company. The teachers of nursery classes have this color in them in good quantity. Due to the blending of Sky-Blue color these people have a special relationship with water, lakes, rivers and ocean. By temperament they are very balanced and don’t get angry very often but due to being soft-hearted get shocked and hurt quickly. These people tend to wear light colored clothes. Green color people are never satisfied with their work. They like to explore new grounds and they are very determined.

If the Green color becomes excessive in the Yellow center of Stomach then not only these people become emotional but also become worried of other people’s conditions, such people get affected from every feeling of life, keep thinking about the past happenings due to which stress created on stomach.

Deficiency of Green-ness in the core-center of mind becomes the cause of one-sided behaviors and narrow heartedness is shown in achieving life’s goals.

If Green color becomes deficient then normal in throat, it creates harshness in conversation and if it’s in excess than normal, the conversation becomes so soft that people use them for their own purposes.

Physical characteristics of Green color:
Green color is highly-effective for nervous system and high blood pressure. This color in itself contains the characteristics of elixir for healing wounds. It is panacea for the patients of ulcer. Most of the Vegetables are of Green color, if they are taken in any form cooked or un-cooked the effects of Green color are inhaled into the body.

Combination of Green and Blue color creates Turquoise-Blue, this color energizes skin tissues, this color is the best cure for burnt skin from sunlight and itching. It creates tightness in shrunk and skin full of wrinkles, which becomes the cause of attraction in personality.

Sky blue color exists in Aluminum, Cobalt, Zinc, Lead & all Sky-Blue colored fruits & vegetables, For example Grapes, Potato, Dried Plum and Pear, it’s also found in fish & chicken.

Mental characteristics of Sky Blue color:
Sky-Blue Color is the symbol of One-ness of God, this is a spiritual color. The Sky-Blue color in Aura indicates that this person is a master, governs a relaxed temperament and is versed with spiritual know-how. The deeper the color, relatively the level of spirituality, honesty, insight and sacredness will be high.

The people on whom the Sky-Blue color is dominant are God-Fearing, Servants of Humanity, Thinkers of the signs of God and are lovers of Prophets and Saints of God. The bearer men/women of this color believe the Thinking-Approach of Holy-Prophets as the ideal for their lives. They preach equality, brotherhood and keep away from dissension.

Physical characteristics of Sky Blue color:
Sky blue color has more importance than other colors as compared to other colors. The temper/effect of this color is cold. This is considered to the opposite of Red color. This color is very effect in treating fast Fever, reducing Mental Stress, to balance shooting pulse and relaxing the mind. Sky-Blue color helps in controlling high-blood pressure. Sky-Blue color is helpful in making nerves relaxed and to reduce mental and physical tension.

Sky-Blue color is effective following diseases.
Normal Fever, Red Fever, Typhoid, Plague bubonic, small pox, Epilepsy, Hysteria, heart convulsion, High blood pressure, thrust, Joindis, Bile, Eye diseases, Poisonous Sting, Itch, Stomach ulcer, Dental Diseases & Sleeplessness.

If there is a some reddishness in Sky-Blue color then it becomes Blue color.

Mental characteristics of blue color:
Predominant Blue color people have interest in the treatment of living beings. Doctors and Physicians are related to this color. Even these people don’t talk too much but people in their company acquire self awareness, as if these people are like mirrors in which people see themselves. Such people are calm, silent and soft humored and they posses such a quality that people feel relaxed in their company.

Physical characteristics of Blue color:
This color is effective for the treatment of blood cleaning, Swelling of Eyes, few of ear’s diseases( noise in air, eruptions in ear) Nerve Soreness, Breathing Infections/Diseases, Soreness of Lungs & Nose, Tonsils & Cough.

Violet color contains equal quantities of Red & Blue colors.

Mental characteristics of violet color:
Predominant Violet color people are sensitive and express this in different ways.
Violet color is of Artists and Painters. Until and unless we have some quantity of violet color in our selves we cannot sense beauty.
If the ratio of Red color is more in Violet color the expression of it will be seen as inclination towards sex and if Blue color’s ratio of quantity is more the situation will be opposite. Sometimes these people are lost in themselves, it so happens with good artists, there are more Spiritual potential in them, if their third eye is opened then they can see the Hidden(Ghayb). In these people the passion of constructiveness is present at all times. These people think less-for-themselves and more for the humanity and are always in the worry that somehow the humanity should get benefit from their presence. They don’t want to waste even five minutes of their lives.

Physical characteristics of violet color:
Violet color stimulates Spleen & improves repulsive strength of the body. Violet color helps in maintaining Potassium and Sodium balance. Violet color controls un-necessary stimulation of all glands including the Lymphatic Glands. This color is also useful in losing weight by controlling appetite. It reduces extreme mental pressure and the condition of stress. This color is a great recipe for deep and relaxed sleep.

Useful in the treatment of Sexual Diseases, Urinary Infections, Gonorrhea, Frequent Urination, Diabetes, All Vaginal Diseases, Leucorrhoea, Swelling of Kidneys, Stone in the Bladder.

If Yellow color is mixed in Violet, it becomes Magenta. A person under influence of this color have good managerial abilities.

— “Every person is under influence of some color and He/She sees life through the filter/glass of that color.”

The color we choose for our apparel and home are the result of our deep interest in those colors.

“If we get aware of this reality that colors are actually important then gradually the mysteries of colors on our own-self will be revealed on us.”

The colors we use for our apparel creates an effect on our environment. There are infinite shades in colors. We choose the color of our clothes through inner inspiration, which tells us which color will be good for us. It is possible that a color we do not like at this point of time may look good to us after an year. This change indicates that the flow of colors/light in our inner has changed. If we pay close attention that which colors are present in our environment, what color of clothes we normally wear and what is the color of food? Then this reality will be revealed upon us that ‘Our life is nothing but colors’.

After spending a certain time in this world, we are born in a world where the second journey of our life starts. In this world we have to confront milky light. Milky light is seen with the Third Eye.

The milky light keeps its balance and the balance of others as well, this light is also absorbed in things used by the body. This is why the things used by Spiritual People are preserved as benediction. Pure and gentle waves keep spreading out of the graves and the dispersion of these waves is called ‘Grace’. The pure and chaste inner is filled with divine light which keeps enlightening the whole environment. The people who are covered with white (milky) light waves are reticent and take out time from worldly matters in order to sit in solitude and concentrate (meditate).

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Color therapy complete book

Download Color therapy complete book

Color therapy complete book

December 17, 2007

Color therapy complete book

Complete book available:

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Download Color therapy complete book

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Meditation (Muraqabah) of colored lights

Meditation of Colored LightsMeditation of Colored Lights Author: Kwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi (spiritual scientist & Patriarch of Azeemia sufi order)

Everything that exists in this world is dominated by one or more colors. Nothing is of no color. Chemistry reveals that any element goes through changes, it emits specific colors. This order of the colors is the basic characteristic of any element. That is why in every element the order of color is different. The same rule applies to humans as well. A well-organized system of colors and waves works in humans. The balance of those colors and waves controls the overall health of the individual. Changing of color affects the mood of the individual as well.
Colors also play an important role in the fields of emotions and feelings. It is our daily observation that when someone hears bad or tragic news, he or she gets pale. Fear also changes the color while during anger, eyes and face becomes red.
When color of room is red, it creates a feeling of burden or heaviness but if the same room is colored blue then peace and serenity is felt. Greenery and colorful flowers help us get rid of mental and physical fatigue. However, when the same trees become leafless during autumn our feelings change as well.
The theory of colors and lights states that those specific amounts of colors are prevalent not only in the physical body of humans but also in any specific color increased or decreased or their ratio is changed, it leads to a change of feelings and emotions in an individual.
In the spiritual sciences, the color code is intentionally changed in student so that his or her mind could come close to the sub consciousness. Continued practice of muraqbah also helps in improving coloration in the senses. It is imperative that changes in the colors be done solely to improve or to awaken any specific skill. When supplementing colors and lights are not used to improve any specific sense, then normal senses are affected by it. A spiritual master always keeps his eyes on the progress of his student. When needed he can adjust the ratio of colors using his spiritual discretion (tasarraf) so that the consciousness remains functional with those changes in colors and light.
On the other hand, when these changes occur in an individual abnormally then the body malfunctions and usually manifests in physical or psychological disorders. These disorders are usually labeled as general diseases or ailments like hypertension, anemia, asthma, cancer arthritis, nervous and sensory or emotional disorders.
According to the spiritual sciences, only an expert spiritual master decides what color of light needs changing. In these decisions the personality type, mental strength, way of thinking, physical form and other factors are taken into consideration.
Using muraqbah, the following are the different methods of absorbing lights of any particular color in an individual.

METHOD-1: sit in a comfortable position and imagine the waves of color of light and being absorbed by the whole body.

METHOD-2: during the muraqbah imagine that from the sky the waves of color and light are falling and are being absorbed into your brain.

METHOD-3: during the muraqbah imagine the entire surrounding environment lit with the same light.

METHOD-4: imagine that you are immersed in the river of that light.
Medically and physiologically, each color of light has its own attributes. When the muraqbah of a certain color of light is performed, it cause chemical changes in the brain, which enables it to absorb as much as possible the light of that color. Since medical and psychological disorders are not the subject matter of this book we are not going to discuss this matter in detail. However, we will present muraqabas of color and light for such psychological disorders that occur because of mental confusion and paranoia.
NOTE: The decision, of what color of light muraqbah is to be given must be made by no other than a spiritual master.

BLUE LIGHTS: Blue lights are instrumental in getting rid of mental disorders, neck and back pain, vertebra malfunctions, depression, inferiority complex, and weak will power. The correct way to do the muraqbah is as follows:
Imagine that you are sitting beneath the sky and the blue light is falling from the sky into your head and after passing through your entire body is going to the earth through the feet.

Ms. R. Sultana from Pakistan wrote:
For the last three years, I had depression. I used to get hopelessness all the time without any obvious reason. I was aware of happiness but my life was void of it.
The muraqbah (meditation) of blue light has turned my world upside down. Within six weeks of continuing muraqbah I am feeling happy after a long time. Obviously, the blue lights have turned away the waves of sadness from me.

YELLOW LIGHT: Muraqbah of the yellow light is effective is curing digestive disorders such as gas, intestinal pain, dysentery, constipation, pyria, stomach ulcers, and similar symptoms.

Ms. S. Choudry from Multan Pakistan wrote:
“I had stomach ulcer for over two years, you told me to do Muraqbah of yellow-light, which I did. I was imagining that I was sitting beneath the sky and the lights of yellow color were falling into my head and were finally being stored in the stomach and the ulcer was being removed by it. For two weeks, I sensed that those lights are gradually reducing the ulcer. On the third week while doing muraqbah, a thought crossed my mind that the ulcer had been removed and now only the bright yellow lights were in my stomach. It has been a month since but I still get those feelings during muraqbah. I m no longer taking medicine for the ulcer and doing only the yellow-light muraqbah. I do not know how to thank you. You have given me a new life.”

ORANGE LIGHT: Its best recommended for chest ailments such as chronic cough, asthma, ulceration of the lungs, and tuberculosis.

A female patient had chronic ulceration of the lungs. The disease had reached a point where she was vomiting blood. She was told to do muraqbah of orange lights with massage of orange-light oil. Within two months the frequency of the blood vomiting dropped. After six months of the treatment, she was completely cured.

GREEN LIGHT: Muraqbah of green light is given to treat hypertension, skin disorders such as itching, eczema, discoloration of skin, gonorrhea, and syphilis.

N.S. wrote:
“ I had itching all over my body. For three years, I got treatment at various places. However, often the itching turned into a wound and the pain was agonizing. Nevertheless after doing muraqbah of green-light for six months I was fully cured by it.”
N.H. from Mianwali Pakistan wrote:
“I had sever high blood pressure for a while. Sometimes it gets so bad that even performing daily routines would become a challenge. My small children were affected by the condition as well. By doing muraqbah of green-light every morning and before going into bed and having a green light bulb in my bed room at night, my blood pressure came to normal within twenty day.”

RED LIGHT: The Muraqbah of red-lights is given to treat low blood pressure, depression, anemia, arthritis, low energy, cowardice, nervous break down, hopelessness, fear of death etc.

Mr. Sibghatullah wrote:
“ My mind always had thoughts of hopelessness. There were no obvious reasons for it. For some reason, I was always thinking negatively. With red-light Muraqbah my thinking has now changed to positive.”

VOILET LIGHT: It’s given to treat male sexual dysfunction such as impotence, loss of libido and female uterine disorders.

A gentleman from DIG khan, Pakistan wrote:
“Because of erectile dysfunction I was not fit to marry anyone. Consequently, I had an inferiority complex. Muraqbah of purple lights and the massage of purple-light oil have pretty much this weakness for me.”
A woman from Chichawatni, Pakistan wrote:
“I have been married for five years but was childless. Doctors had told me that my uterus was swollen. I went through different treatments but with no results. Finally the muraqbah of violet light and the massage with its oil has removed the uterine swelling and I am now pregnant.”

PINK LIGHT: Hysteria, mental seizures, weak memory, paranoia, insecurity, negative thoughts about life, isolation, are treated with Muraqbah of Pink color Lights.

Ms. S, from Pakistan wrote:
“Constant fear and Paranoia had filled me with cowardice and an inferiority complex. Life after marriage was such a challenge for me, I was so mortified by my husband and in-laws that even when every thing was right I was afraid of something. With this, I also had the fear of God, Every act felt like a sin and I was always repenting with fear of His wrath. All this pressure made me weak and I always felt fatigued. My husband told me to do a Muraqbah of pink light. After doing it for two months, now I am confident that I will be cured.”

Mr. Salman Ansari, wrote:
“ I used to get seizures all the time. I went through some tough times. Often it happened while I was at the market. Because of falls, I was injured several times as well. On one occasion, it happened during a shower. After about an hour people took notice of that. Thereafter someone was with me all the time. God bless Mr. Azeemi who prescribed for me the Muraqbah of pink light. I have total confidence now that God willing I will be cured by it.”

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What is and How to Meditate

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Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases

High blood pressure, heat, nasal injury’ and fever etc are the causes of nose bleeding.

For known or unknown reasons bleeding starts from the nostrils.

1. Green Chromatized water, before meals and once early in the morning and once before going to bed.
2. Massage Green Chromatized oil upon the nose and in the nostrils.
3. Green and sky blue light for ten minutes each, alternatively, twice a day.
4, Putting Sky-Blue Chromatized water in the nostrils using a dropper stops the nose bleed immediately.


Unclean teeth, excessive use of sweet and soar foods, indigestion, dental cavities, gastric problem, use of hard brush upon soft gums, using hard toothpicks, taking cold water after taking hot tea or coffee.


Teeth ache painfully, gums swell and sometimes even the face also shows swelling.

1. In case of pain, use Blue Chromatized water as mouthwash, many times.
2. Yellow Chrornatizcd water, before meals. Green Chromatized water. after meals.
3. Blue Chromatized Water, twice a day.
4 Massage Yellow Chrornatized oil or ointment upon the abdomen.


Eye Diseases

Inability of eyes to focus upon near or far away objects. it could be myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (long-sightedness ) or presbyopia.

Eyes feel strain, and gets tired, headache, water runs through the eyes, vision blurs.

1. Use glasses of skYblue colour for two to three hours a day.
2. lndigo Chromatized water, twice a day.
3. Green chromatized water, before meals.
4. Make two circles 2 inch apart. of 2 inch radius, on a glossy card board, fill one with red and the other with blue. make the patient to look at them from a distance of 4 feer, for ten minutes, twice a day. During gazing these cireles try not
to blink or at least blinking should be avoided as much as possible.
5. Get UP early in the morning and sit from where the rising sun could be seen. When the sun rises, look at it for one minute only. Do not see more than one minute.
6, Wash the eyes with Blue Chromatized water, in the morning and with Green Chromatized Water. in the evening.

Diseases of Circulatory System and Heart

Heart Attack
Since the heart has to work perpetually. its muscles need continuous supply of blood. which is provided to them through coronary arteries. If for any reason, the coronary arteries become congested or is blocked, reduction of blood supply results to angina or heart attack. The basic reason of constriction of veins and arteries has not yet been determined but the fallowing are considered the main causes:

Old age, high blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, obesity, luxurious life style, grief, anxiety, anger and  addiction of drugs etc.

Muscles of the heart are very sensitive, if the blood supply to these muscles is stopped for 30 minutes to 2 hours; the heart dies. The patient of heart attack suffers from great pains in the left side of the chest, which increases with movement and reduces with rest bu does not subside completely. Cold sweating, feeling weakness and difficulty in breathing accompanied with nausea and vomiting are also few of the symptoms. For exact diagnosis the medical science is using ECG.

1. Patient of the heart attack is to be hospitalized under the care of heart specialist. To cure the weakness Red Chromatized water, 2 ounces, is to be given after breakfast.
2. Turquoise-coloured Chromatized water, twice a day.
3. Yellow Chromatized water. before meals.
4. Orange Chromatizcd water after meals.
5. Follow the advice of the heart specialist.


Low Blood Pressure
Some people naturally have low blood pressure: it is not a disease. As a disorder, loss of blood, heart problem, affect of germs, nerve strain, grief, loose motions and voting can also cause low blood pressure.

If the BP is 5 to 10 degrees than the normal level, one feels giddy and if fall further one enters a state of shock and feels drowsy. In such a case he is to be taken be the hospital immediately.

1 . Besides attending to the actual cause or the Low BP, give the patient Red Chromarized water, twice a day.
2 Patient is to be lied down under the Red lights, for 15 to 30 minutes.

Psychiatric Problems

There are many reasons for this problem of depression, which could be; addiction of drugs, sudden quitting any such habit, protracted illness, worries and remaining in a state or grief etc. If a patient according to the psychiatrists, remains
continuously in this state for two weeks only then he could be declared as a patient of depression otherwise it would be considered just as a passing state of mind.
The patient of this disease remains sad, and unhappy and resulting his melancholy he loses interest in tile, becomes isolated, either gains weight or starts losing it, remains anxious and restless, ability to think properly diminishes and feel like committing suicide.

Treatment: In acute conditions
1. Apple colour Chromatizcd water, twice a day after breakfast and before going to bed,
2. Sky blue Chrornatized water, once a day after lunch,
3. Yellow Chromatized water. after dinner.

In case of non severity
1. Blue Chromatized water, twice a day, before meals.
2. Orange Chromatized water, twice a day, after meals.
3. Yellow Chrormatized water, twice a day in the afternoon.

Gynecological Diseases

Sometime milk is not produced in the breasts to fulfill the needs of the baby. Deficiency of prolactine hormone, which is excreted by Pituitary Gland and weakness of the mother’s health are the main causes of this problem.
1. Red Chromauzed water. twice a day.
2. Orange Chrornatized water, after meals.
3. Violet light upon the head for ten minutes.


Rich, fatty and fried foods and use of salt excessively, bathing with hot water are few of the causes of this problem.
White scaly particles are there on the scalp, which do not look nice,
I. Blue Chromatized water, twice a day.
2. Orange Chromatized water, after lunch.
3. Green Chromatized water after dinner.
4. Massage the hair oil, which is charged in the moonlight. Glu-e-sabz(an oil)  is herbal hair oil that has heen charged in the moonlight.


Sexual Diseases

Excessive indulgence of sexual intercourse,masturbation and sensitivity of the penis. use of alcohol. kidney stones, constipation, irritation of gallbladder, excessive consumption of meat etc are few of the causes
If it is due to kidney stones, constipation. irritation of gallbladder, few drops of seminal fluid follow urination, Strong and potent diet can cause discharge of seminal fluid, Masturbation and excessive indulgence in sex activities renders a
patient lethargic, lazy and feels pains in the body, complains burning and irritation when urinates, passes urine excessively and repeatedly, back aches, nerves and muscles grow weak, physical weakness and debility, looses temperament easily, loss of
memory, dullness, doesn’t have good sleep, loss of appetite, sex desire initially surges and subsides, usually suffers from constipation, merely the thought of sexual intercourse causes the discharge.

1. Olive-coloured Chrornatizcd water. twice a day
2. If constipation is there, Yellow Chromatized water, twice a day
3. Green Chromatized water. twice a day.
4. Massage Violet Chromatized oil upon the lower back. in circles
5. Massage of yellow Chromatized oil on and around the naval point. early in the morning before break fast.

Resulting excessive discharges, mind and the body grow weak, repeated and burning urinations, veins of the penis swell, lethargy and laziness, feels depressed, doesn’t feel like working, avoids company and wants to remain alone. Such person does not want to face people because of self pitting, grows pale, has dark shade under the eyes. eyesight dims, and has headaches frequently.
1. Turquoise colour Chromatized water, twice a day; when gets better once a day at night.
2. Yellow Chrornatizcd water before meals
3. In the morning, massage Blue Chromatized oil in circles at hip joint in the lower back.
4. Before going to bed. massage Violet Chrornatized oil over the bladder
5. To treat the constipation and gas, massage abdomen with Yellow ointment.
Mostly it is psychological, lack of testosterone hormones, protracted ailments like shrinkage of liver, cancer in any pan of the body, heart problem or diabetes, Sex stimulation almost comes to an end in the people who cautiously practice celibacy for a long time, they are not impotents. when the sex stimuli are reactivated they perform their sex obligations quite normally. Women also suffer from the deprivation of the sex desires and feel aversion from the sexual activities or they feel scared of this act.

NB: It is the duty of parents and teachers to provide the necessary information to the young generation and tell the boys and girls about the hazards of too much involvement and aversions.

Besides treating the impotency, that disease should also be treated that is causing it. See Diabetes, Heart Diseases and Cancer etc.
1. Violet Chromatized water, twice a day, till curing and then just once at night.
2 Massage Violet Chromatized oil, twice a day, at the lower back.
3. Dark Blue Chromatized water. twice a day.
4. Red Chromatized water. after meals.
5. For the deficiency of hormones; massage Red Chrornatized oil, twice a day, on the calves and in the groin.
Premature Ejaculation
Over-worrying, masturbation, sex literature, perverted thinking and due to dilution of the seminal fluid are the major causes of this problem. Besides treating the problem, such diet is recommended that could increase the viscosity of the semen.

Basically, success or failure in the sexual intercourse is directly related to with the mind. When mind remains occupied with negative thoughts, the nerves get affected and due to loss of moderation and balance, this problem finds its way in.

Peace of mind and heart boosts the will power and the sex becomes a natural activity.

Immediate discharge at the time of sexual intercourse and at times, it discharges even before the erection is complete and this cause feeling of shame.

I. Olive colour Chromatized water, twice a day.
2. Sky Blue Chromatized water, after meals,
3. Massage violet oil in circles at lower back, initially twice and upon getting better just once a day.
4. Dark Blue Chromatized water, before meals.
5. If excess of red is noticed, green Chrornatized water. before meals.


HIV Virus (Human Immune Deficiency Virus) causes the disease of Acquired Immunization. Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS, It severely damages the immune system of the patient and he suffers from one or the disease In quick succession.

This virus transfers due to blood transfusion, from mother to child and unnatural sexual activities. Its symptoms may manifest in two years or take ten. It is not incurable. lts treatment needs persistent caring and regularity.

Sky Blue Chromatized water. twice a day,
Yellow Chromatized water, before meals.
Green Chromatized water, after meals.
Red Chromatized water, twice a day.
Violet light in the armpits, for ten to fifteen minutes, before going to bed.
Get a 6 x 9 inches transparent glass sheet painted in dark green and make the patient to look at it for 15 minutes, once in the morning and once in the evening.
Massage Blue Chrornatized oil upon the joints of the neck and Violet Chromatized oil upon the lower back joints, for five minutes each, in anti-clock wise circular movements, once in the morning and once in the evening,
Massage Turquoise Colour Chromatized oil, in the armpits and groin, using the right hand thumb, for five minutes each.


Cancer is the disease that results from the harm to the blood. When a person is trapped in few specific thoughts and finds no way to get out of them, the electric current responsible for our actions turns poisonous and starts causing infection in the blood. Resulting from imbalanced flow of currents, ultra microscopic viruses are produced in the blood. These viruses  accumulate at one place and start consuming that electric current which is an essential need for the functioning of life. These viruses feed themselves upon the R B. Cs (Red Blood Corpuscles) causing leukemia, in which the White Corpuscles of blood and tissues exceed the limit. Body tries to get rid of these excessive Corpuscles in the form of various secretions. This results in overall weakness and man turns into a skinny skeleton and finally embraces death.

In another type of cancer because of accumulation of viruses, veins and arteries of the patient are damaged. This destroys the entire circulatory system, which ultimately results in death of the patient.

Cancer is of many types: it could be affecting only one part or the limb or a system of the body.

Since the electric current of the red colour is the food or the Cancer: the cancer consumes the electric current present in the Red Blood Corpuscles: the patient is deprived of the Vital energy needed for the maintenance of life. The patient looks pale and complains about pains especialy’ in the affected area.

1. The atmosphere around the patient is required to be made red, i.e., the room where the patient lives, its walls, curtains, bed sheets, pillowscovers and even the clothes of the patients should be red.
2. Red light upon the body for upto 15 minutes several times a day.
3. Red Chromatized water, 3-5 times a day.
4. Massage Red Chromatized oil upon the back of the trunk, thighs and calves, once a day.
5. Tell the patient that this disease is curable and he has to use his will power to overpower it.

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