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Sufi Books

Sufi Books written by Patriarch of Azeemia Sufi order, Mr. Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi. He has been writing for years, more than 60 has so far been written by him.

Here are few books names that are most demanded and attract the readers:

  • Mohammad ur Rasool Allah 3 part in Urdu
  • Mohammad ur Rasool Allah 3 part in english
  • Roohani Ilaaj
  • Learn Telepathy
  • Journey towards Inside
  • Meditation

and many more.

to Download or read online, please follow the link: SUFI BOOKS Download

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Spiritual Books

written by Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi (Patriarch of Azeemia sufi order)

Follow this Link Spiritual Books Download


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SPIRITUAL PRAYER: Reading Prayer and Establishing Prayer

Reading Prayer and Establishing Prayer
It has been mentioned that one of the meanings of Prayer is blessings. In other words, Prayer is a source
of attaining Allah’s blessings. It is spectacular work of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) that he has devised for the
followers of his faith (Muslims), and for other human beings, a method for attaining Allah’s blessings that
combines all the movements which occur in one’s life. The purpose of it is so that in every situation and
in every movement of life one stays connected with Allah’s blessings. When we study and analyse the
movements contained within Prayer it becomes apparent that there is no movement in human life that the
Holy Prophet has not included in Prayer e.g. lifting the hands, raising them, moving them, tying them,
touching the body with the hands, standing up, bending, lying, sitting, speaking, looking, hearing, moving
the head around to determine directions. Thus, Prayer includes every state of life. The purpose of it is so
that no matter what a person is doing, his mind stays established with Allah and this should become a
habit. When this becomes a trait encompassing every moment and breath of one’s life one develops a
strong connection with Allah.
When we make intention (niyat) we raise our hands up to the ears and touch them, and then saying Allāhu
Akbar (Allah is the Greatest) we tie our hands. Before starting Prayer it is our intention that we are going
to perform this act for Allah. Intention is related with the brain i.e. first we mentally present ourselves in
front of Allah.
From the beginning of creation up until now all the inventions and developments that have came into
existence are firstly related to the brain and then with the hands. When we lift ours hands for Prayer and
declare Allah’s greatness we are forming a relationship between Allah and all our mental abilities and all
the developments produced by using these abilities. In other words, all the inventions that mankind has
invented and the ones still to be invented in the future are all related to the abilities that Allah has granted
us. When we recite Subhāna kallāh humma (O Allah, all glory is for you) we are declaring Allah’s glory
and confessing that the abilities present within us that enable us to speak, think and understand are
actually the attributes of Allah and a favour bestowed upon us by Him. When reciting Sūrah Fātiha we
are negating ourselves and declaring that all praise is for Allah only and that He is the one who grants us
guidance, and only by earning His kindness and favour are we able to walk along the straight path.
After Sūrah Fātiha we recite any other Sūrah from the Holy Qur’ān e.g. Sūrah Ikhlās. When reciting this
Sūrah we are confessing that Allah is One (Single) and His creation is not. Allah is not in need of
anything, but all else is in need of Him. None is born of Him nor is He born. Allah is Unique, the One,
Single, Eternal, Absolute, and there is none like Him. While declaring Allah’s greatness we bow down
and then stand up again. After standing up we go into such a position which is close to lying down
(prostration). We then get up into a sitting position. Next, we prostrate again. We then stand up. In the last
rakat we sit down in peace for quite a while and then looking in both directions we salute (say Salām).
It sure is a remarkable fact worth contemplating upon that the Holy Prophet has incorporated every single
moment that exists in human life into Prayer. The purpose of it is so that whatever a person is doing,
whichever state he is in, whether he is sitting, standing, bending, saying something, looking here or there,
moving the hands and feet, thinking about something, in every situation there remains a mental link with
Allah. Wherever Prayer is mentioned in the Holy Qur’ān Allah has ordered us to ‘establish Prayer’ or
‘those who establish Prayer’ etc. It is important to contemplate about the wording here. In the Holy
Qur’ān we have been given guidance to establish Prayer, not to read Prayer.
Prayer and Fire-Worshipping
There is a big difference between establishing Prayer and reading Prayer. The Holy Qur’ān does contain
the word read (recite) as well though:-
‘O thou (Muhammad) folded in garments! Stand (to Prayer) by night, but not all night, Half
of it, or a little less, or a little more; and recite the Quran in slow, measured rhythmic tones’
(Sūrah Muzzammil, 1)
There is an expression in the Persian language ‘Namāz Khwandan’ which means ‘to read Prayer’. This
expression is used by fire-worshippers. They read their book Zandu’awsta and then bow down to fire; this
is what they call Namaz Khwandan or to read Prayer. When this was translated from Arabic to Urdu there
was a translation error: ‘establish Salāt’ was translated as ‘read Namaz’. According to the teachings of the
Holy Qur’ān Salāt should have been translated as Salāt, just as the translation of Kalimah Tayibah (first
Creed) is Kalimah Tayibah, translation of Allah is Allah, translation of Rahmān (merciful) is Rahmān,
translation of paighambar (messenger) is paighambar, translation of rasool (prophet) is rasool etc.
According to the teachings of the Holy Qur’ān, ‘establish Salāt’ and the Urdu translation; ‘read Namaz’
has a very big difference in its meanings.
The Thinking Approach of the Holy Prophets
The universal law is that until our thoughts with all their abilities and concentration do not find a focal
point, and do not stay still on that one point, we remain ignorant of the real meaning and understanding of
that point. Whenever we do something with mental anxiety and the entering of foreign thoughts, the
proper result is not achieved. As a matter of fact it is the attribute and the meaning of the attribute inside
any thing that brings together the result. For example, water can quench thirst because the attribute of
water is to irrigate dry veins. Fire can cook food because the attribute of fire is to use its heat and intensity
to make food edible and digestible. Until the attribute and meaning of a thing does not enter our mind we
cannot take advantage of that thing.
If we pay attention to the wisdom and meaning of Salāt (Prayer) we come to conclude that Prayer is a
sure and true method of getting close to and to and getting to know Allah. But to get close to or to get to
know something is not possible until one is fully focused and attentive towards that thing. Until one does
not absorb himself within the meaning of something he cannot become familiar with the essence of that
thing. To become absorbed within the meaning is only possible when every angle of the intellect,
perception, and thinking is focused upon the one point. In another words, to get to know the reality of
something one should establish a link with that thing, consciously and subconsciously. In life whatever
movement or whatever thing one may be doing, mentally one’s full attention should stay attentive towards
finding the meaning of that thing. This is the same thinking approach with operates within the holy
prophets. They wilfully and naturally turn their attention towards Allah in every action and deed. In their
minds it is well established that their every action is for Allah. This is the thinking approach that the holy
prophets have preached about and persuaded the whole of mankind to take on, and the same thinking
approach that they themselves have spent their whole lives with.
A Programme for the Descendants (Umat)
It is evident from the Holy Qur’ān and the other three books which have come to us through revelation
that man has no prestige or status of his own. Allah tells us:-
‘You listen through My hearing, see through My sight, think through My thought. Your
coming is from Us and to Us you will return. Allah encircles everything. He is the
Beginning, and He is the End. He is the Manifested, and He is the Hidden. Where you are
one, the second is Allah. Where you are two, the third is Allah. It is Allah who gives birth to
you, and provides the sources for your upbringing after birth, and it is Allah who provides
you with food without account’
Every prophet devised a programme for his descendants by the order of Allah. All these programmes
have the same fundamental aim which is to establish a link between man and Allah. The prophets have
told us that Allah has created us so that we get to know Allah and form a mental link with Him that stays
firm and established. May we lay down our life for our beloved Prophet who has determined a method in
the form of Salāt in order to form a link with Allah. As we have already emphasised previously, by
contemplating upon Prayer it becomes very clear that Prayer contains all life’s movements and actions.
Even though these movements and actions are related to the physical body, the actual purpose of them is
to witness Allah and attain intimate knowledge of Allah.
Adam and Eve
Allah ordered Adam:-
‘O Adam! Reside here in Heaven with your wife, and eat and drink happily from whereof
you like but do not come near this tree or you shall be amongst the transgressors’
Until Adam and Eve did not commit disobedience they enjoyed Allah’s blessings in Heaven. When they
committed disobedience the atmosphere of Heaven could not tolerate them anymore and refused them.
They got thrown into the ‘lowest of the low’ (Earth):
‘And We created man of the best stature and then We reduced him to the lowest of the low’
(Sūrah Tīn, 4)
There are two minds operating within man. One is the heavenly mind; that status of Adam before he
committed disobedience and the other mind is the one that came into existence after disobedience. Adam,
who was given authority by Allah to exercise his free will, had only one mind operative in him whose
characteristic was to spend life in obedience. When Adam using his choice of free will committed
disobedience, a second mind came into existence which was based upon disobedience. Until Adam and
Eve spent their life within the sphere of the heavenly mind they were free of time and space restrictions.
When they acted against the order of Allah, time and space restrictions were imposed upon them and the
free mind became imprisoned and confined within difficulties and hardship. To spend life after becoming
restricted in time and space Adam had to devise new methods. For example, in order to fulfil the demand
of hunger and thirst he had to set up a cultivation system and carry out hard labour. As well as this he had
to undergo a lot of wait, whereas in Heaven there was no such thing as wait. Adam admitted his mistake
to Allah and pleaded for forgiveness. Allah said to Adam:
‘We will be sending our chosen people who will guide you to the straight path and those
who act upon the guidance of those prophets will be permitted back in their home; Heaven
once again’
When Adam disobeyed Allah the link between him and Allah was broken. Because this link was
temporarily broken the heavenly mind refused them. There is an Arabic proverb that says, ‘Everything
yearns to return to its source’. Therefore, to achieve the mind that is free of time and space restrictions we
will have to employ the same method that we used to lose it. Using our choice of free will we will have to
reject this mind in which we are enclosed within, the mind that caused us to move away from our
liberated mind and lose the link which we had with Allah in Heaven. To search for this connection and to
retain this connection has been termed as ‘Qiyām Salāt’ (establishment of Prayer) in the language of the
Qur’ān. Allah orders us to ‘establish Prayer’ in other words, to establish a link and relationship with Allah
– such a relationship that stays firm and established in every state and situation in life.
When we want to achieve something we usually have to negate ourselves, in other words, give less
importance to ourselves. We also have to sacrifice our time and our mental and physical health. Success
in our mission will be in proportion to this sacrifice or negation. The more we sacrifice or negate the more
success we will achieve.
Conscious and Subconscious
Man has two states of mind: the conscious and the subconscious. Conscious is the name given to the mind
which operates during the state of wakefulness and subconscious is the name given to the mind that
operates during the state of sleeping and dreaming. According to the teachings of Allah, the senses of the
wakeful state and the senses of the dreaming state are the one. The only difference is that when we are in
the wakeful state, time and space restrictions apply whereas in the state of dreaming there are no
restrictions of time and space. To liberate ourselves from time and space restrictions we have no other
way except to suppress the senses of wakefulness and to settle our life upon the senses of dreaming. The
current situation is that the senses of wakefulness are predominant upon us and the senses of dreaming are
suppressed. We are continuously changing between these two states of wakefulness and sleep. Sometimes
we are in the state of wakefulness and at other times we are spending our life in the senses that are free
from time and space restrictions (dreaming). In the Holy Qur’ān these senses have been mentioned in the
name of day and night. It explains:-
‘We enter the night from the day and We enter the day from the night’
In another place it states:-
‘We take out the day from the night and take out the night from the day’
In other words, the senses are the one. It is only a matter of which one is governing at the time. The
senses of the day are bound within time and space whereas the senses of the night are not. It is the senses
of the night that are the means of travelling in the unseen world. With these senses man can witness the
realm of the souls (Burzukh), purgatory (Arāf) and the realm of the angels. Referring to Prophet Mūsa
(Moses), Allah tells us:-
‘And we promised Moses thirty nights and completed them with ten more and so were
completed your Lord’s forty nights’
Allah is saying here that in forty nights He granted the Torah to Mūsa (by revelation). This statement of
Allah must be contemplated upon deeply as it is very important. Allah is not saying that He completed the
promise in forty days, only the night has been mentioned. Obviously Mūsa stayed on Koh-e-Tūr (Mount
Tūr) for forty days and forty nights, it means then that for forty days and forty nights the senses of the
night were functioning within him.
Relating to the Holy Prophet’s Ascension (Mehrāj), Allah’s words are:-
‘Pure is He who one night took His servant from Masjid-e-Hiram to Masjid-e-Aksa so that
He could show him His signs’
When we are in the senses of the night (the state of sleep) we do not eat, nor do we talk and nor do we
deliberately use our mind for worldly issues. This is the state that the programme of establishing Prayer
(Qiyām Salāt) orders us to take on. During the state of Prayer nearly all those senses come upon us which
we call night.

Qalander Baba Auliya

Hasan Ukhra (named by Hazrat Muhammad P.B.U.H.)Syed Mohammad Azeem Barkhiya,

known as Huzur Qalander Baba Auliya

is the founder of the Azeemia Sufi Order. 

Definition of a Qalander:

A Qalander is a person whose perceptive faculties go beyond the physical realm. He ascends from the material realm to the heights where he witnesses the Divine Unity. This is the zone of Taqveen or the Divine Administration. The Qalander experiences the ecstasy and joy of the nearness of the Creator (Whole). Thus he perceives the whole Truth. Such persons are called the friends of God. The Qalander can free himself from the grip of time and space. All creatures become subservient to them. Since the Qalander is connected with the Divine Being, they are perfected beings. They do not experience negative desires of greed, power and control. They have the conduct of the prophets and serve humanity according to the Divine Will.
Hasan Ukhra‘ is the Title granted by the Prophet Mohammed (SAW).
Mohammed Azeem‘ is the name given by his parents. The Azeemia Spiritual Order or Silsila-e-Azeemia is named after him.
Burkhiya‘ is the pen name, which he used as a poet.
‘Qalander Baba Auliya’ is the alias with which most of the people are familiar. The terrestrial and celestial angels know and address him using this title.


Qalander Baba Auliya was born in Khorja, Buland Sheher, which is in the U.P. province of India in 1898.


Qalander Baba Auliya received his primary and religious education in a local school. He went to high school in Buland Sheher. After completing his education in high school, he went to Aligarh Muslim University in Aligarh, now in India.
During his stay in Aligarh, Qalander Baba Auliya became inclined towards learning spirituality. He spent a lot of time at the tomb of the Sufi Maulana Kabuli. It was in those times, when he went to visit his maternal grand father, Tajuddin Baba Auliya Nagpuri. Teacher of the teachers, Knower of Divine Secrets, Baba Tajuddin instructed his grand son to stay with him in Nagpur for Spiritual training. Upon learning his son’s intention to learn spiritual knowledge, Qalander Baba’s father came to Nagpur to persuade his son to complete his academic education. Baba Tajuddin replied to his father that if he would receive academic education any more, he would not be useful to him. His father left his son to his own liking.
Qalander Baba Auliya stayed with Tajuddin Baba Auliya, whom he called grandfather (Nana), for nine years. During this time he received his spiritual training from him in an arduous manner.


Qalander Baba’s mother died leaving six children; one sister was older and all others were younger to him. Tajuddin Baba advised him to get married. He married the daughter of one of the followers of Tajuddin Baba Auliya in Delhi. In 1947, during the partition of India and Pakistan, Qalander Baba Auliya migrated to Karachi in Pakistan with his father, siblings and his family. He rented an old house near Lee Market. The Commissioner for Rehabilitation, who was also one of the followers of Tajuddin Baba, requested him to lodge an application with him so that he could be allocate a house to him. He did not take any notice of his suggestion and continued to reside in a rented premise.
Qalander Baba seldom washed his hands with soap. He washed his hands with lukewarm water until all traces of grease were removed. He was very meticulous and organized in his day-to-day life. He did not sleep for more than two to three hours. He went through phases of silence and spiritual ecstasy and selflessness.


After marriage, Qalander Baba settled in Delhi. He became a freelance journalist for different newspapers and magazines. He also proofread and corrected the works of the contemporary poets. People who were interested in Tassuvuf (spiritual knowledge or Sufism) approached him and held discussions with him on the subject.
After migrating to Karachi he opted repairing of domestic electrical appliances till he had the job as the sub editor of the daily newspaper Dawn. He also worked for the monthly Naqqad for some time. He edited many magazines, and also published many stories in serial form.


In 1956, the then Master of the Sohrwardi Order, Hazrat Abul Faiz Qalander Ali Sohrwardi visited Karachi. Qalander Baba Auliya went for an audience with him and requested to be initiated. Hazrat Abul Faiz asked him to come at 3 O’ clock in the morning. In the bitter cold of the early morning, he sat on the steps of the Grand Hotel on McLeod Road, Karachi; exactly at 3 O’ clock Hazrat Abul Faiz opened the door and asked him to come inside. He instructed Qalander Baba to sit in front of him and then he blew on Qalander Baba’s forehead 3 times. With the first breath the realm of spirits was revealed. With the second blowing of the breath, angels and the Divine Attributes was revealed and with the third breath the highest realm was revealed to him. Hazrat Abul Faiz Qalandar Ali Soharwardi imparted spiritual training to him in three weeks time.
After that, Qalander Baba’s spiritual training was taken over by the soul of Sheikh Najmuddin Kubra. When the training was completed He transferred the spiritual knowledge to him and presented him to the Divine Presence of God.
During this period Qalander Baba Aulia did not sleep for ten days and nights. He prayed and chanted the holy verses all the time.
To spread and to be benefited with the teachings of His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya, following three books have been inherited by Silsela-e-Azeemia.
1- Loh-o-Qalum (Pen and the Scripturum) A treasure of divine knowledge of mysteries and secrets of nature.
2- Rubaiyat-e-Qalander Baba Auliya a valued collection of enlightening mystic verses.
3- Tazkira-e-Tajuddin Baba (Blessed be he) An authentic work of metaphysical sciences and scientific interpretations of divinations and wonder-workings performed by spiritual people.
Additionally, Qalander Baba Auliya left countless maps and diagrams of the visible and invisible realms. He also started the publication of the monthly magazine called Roohani Digest. He also formed a Trust called The Azeemia Trust. The Trust acquired land and constructed a mausoleum over his eternal place of resting in Shadman Town, North Karachi.
Time favors you or not Bewail not Don’t relume that have passed away
Waste not The few breaths that have been Granted to you (Qalander Baba Auliya)
Possessor of Insinuated Knowledge, knower of the secrets of the Command ‘Be’ and its implementations, Proclaimer of reality, His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya was a man of signs and wonders but by nature he was a very cautious person and avoided performance of wonder-workings (karamat). But despite his careful attitude many wonder working took place by him. Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi wrote these wonder-workings in his book “Tazkara Qalander Baba Auliya (R.U.A)”.
A Virtual Visit of HIS Shrine
Pigeon that came to life:
I loved pigeons and pigeon keeping was my hobby. Once a dove joined the flock of pigeons and started living with them. The dove was crossed with one of the pigeons. When she laid eggs and the chicks hatched out they were extraordinary pretty. They had black wings. Rest of the body was pure white. They were so attractive that every one would praise them for their beauty.
One day, one of these pigeons fell prey to a cat. I chased the cat. By the time I reached the cat on the roof, the cat had killed the pigeon and was busy in devouring on the prey. Tears came to my eyes with grief and anger. In that state of shock I came to His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya and in a very hurt tone told him that the cat killed my pigeon, which I adored the most. He calmly commented, “It happens so.”
I feeling grieved even more, said, “I am at loss to understand that how a cat could dare to prey on my pigeon in your presence,” I was quite desperate, I went to the kitchen with a heavy heart. His divine Grace, Qalander Baba Auliya called out my name twice. Grief and anger had made me arrogant and I ignored his calls. When I came out of the kitchen, I saw my pigeon pecking in the compound. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I ran upstairs and found feathers and blood spots on the roof. I felt ashamed of myself. Came down and fell on the feet of His Divine Grace and apologized for my indecorous behavior. Before evening I distributed all the pigeons to my friends and decided to stay away from the hobby.
Deaf and Dumb Girl:
A born deaf and dumb girl was brought to His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya. Those who have been close to Baba Jee know it well that he was a very cautious person by nature and avoided any performance of wonder working. God knows in what state he was at that time. He addressed the girl and asked her name. The dumb girl naturally remained mute. He asked her again. Now this time more commandingly “Tell, what is your name?” She kept staring in silence. Now he was angry he lifted his hand as if to hit her and said in an enraged tone, “Tell what is your name?”
And to the surprise of all those who were there, she uttered her name and started speaking normally thereafter. I think she was sixteen or seventeen at that time.
Spiritual Healing of Tumor:
Once a lady visited His Divine grace Qalander Baba Auliya and told him that there was a tumor preventing her to bear children. She said, “I am otherwise a contented person but due to my inability to bear children my husband is insisting on for second marriage.”
And, after saying this all she started crying desperately in sobs. In that fit of crying she drew near to Qalander Baba Auliya and placed her head on his chest. Tears not only soaked the shirt but affected his heart as well. Getting up, he told her to lie down straight. Recited something and blew upon his index finger and made a cross where the tumor was supposed to be. When the doctors tested her they found that tumor was no more there. Allah, the most exalted also blessed her with children after that.
URS (Death Anniversary):
Qalander Baba Auliya died on 27th January 1979 in Karachi. Every year on this date his Urs is celebrated which is attended by thousands of people from all over the country and abroad. During Urs many seminars and workshops are held. There are organized sessions of meditation under the instruction of the present Master of Silsila Azeemia; Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi.
Qalander Baba Auliya left a widow, two sons and two daughters.

Download Complete Biography of Qalandar Baba Aulia (Audio):
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Breathing Exercise
Close your right nostril with the thumb of your right hand after sitting in a relaxed posture.
Inhale through your left nostril tor 10 seconds. Hold your breath tor 45 seconds after dosing left nostril with the small finger of the right hand.
After 45 seconds remove the thumb from the right nostril and exhale through it for 10 seconds. Now inhale through the same nostril for 10 seconds and hold your breath for 45 seconds, closing it with the thumb. Exhale through left nostril for 10 seconds after removing the small finger. This makes it one cycle. Complete 20 such cycles. This exercise is also to be done once in the morning and once in the evening before going to bed. ‘This exercise would yield the best results if it is done on an empty stomach in an open and airy place.
All those students who are practicing these exercises arc advised to have their dinner early in the evening. There must be a gap of at least three hours between the dinner and the exercise i.e. the exercise should be done three hours after taking the meal.
After blind-folding your eyes sit in a relaxing posture as you were doing previously and imagine that there is a bright point where your heart is. When your mind is focused on this point start moving this point anti-clock-wise as it was done with your brain in the previous exercise. This Muraqbah is to be practiced for 20 minutes once in the morning and once in the night.
When this exercise is perfected. Select one of those friends of yours who is keen to leam telepathy and has also completed the exercises of telepathy. The distance between you does not matter. He could be in any part of the world.
At a mutually agreed and appointed time you both try to contact each other telepathically and give messages to each other. The messages given to each other are to be noted down date wise to be compared later on at your convenience. After achieving 50% success rate of accuracy in delivering and receiving messages you can start practicing with common people in ordinary circumstances. For instance, you can suggest, of course, telepathically, to an ailing person that he is getting well and is healthy etcetera.
Question: Is it true that most of the students of metaphysical and occult sciences are those who are young and haven’t attained maturity. Where as the grown up mature people, scholars and intellectuals and those who have a rational approach, are extremists cannot learn
these sciences’?
Answer: Human mind, one of the most perfect creations of Allah, The most Exalted, is such a fertile land In which trees or various types and genus grow. Trees that grow on the soil of the mind are denominated as different sciences and these are in such a great numbers that their counting is almost impossible. In these sciences the metaphysical and occult sciences have their
own position. The metaphysical sciences are also known as spiritual sciences or spiritualism.
A green branch of a tree can be used for beneficial aims and objectives whereas a dry and worm eaten wood can’t be used as fuel.
Young lads and ladies are like green branches of trees whereas the old and seasoned people are like dry hard wood as far as learning of any science is concerned.
Psychologists and the masters of metaphysical sciences, in the light of their observations and experiences, declaring the basic reason for this, say that for learning spiritual science a soft nature, tender heart and an unencumbered mind are basic requirements. With growth or age alter confining in the shell of his own specific ideologies one grows to be narrow-minded and
harsh hearted and declares nig Self Conceived ideologies as life. Where as spiritualism does not acknowledge this type of approach altogether.
It is a straight forward fact that no one can learn from one’s teacher unless one is not ready to accept what one’s teacher tells, as last and final verdict. If a Child is not ready to accept ‘a’ as ‘a’ he will never be able to leam the alphabet.
Young students and innocent ladies succeed soon in learning these sciences because they do not have its and buts nor do they adhere to any rigid ideas. They simply accept what they are told to accept and old people despite submitting themselves to a spiritual teacher in the light of their particular ideologies and firm thinking approach try to adjudge the instructions of the teacher and try to analyze a knowledge whose a b c is not known to them in the light of logic and philosophy.
This approach spoils their efforts and they cannot advance. This fact remains hidden from them that where the limit of logic and philosophy ends the limits of spiritual and metaphysical sciences begins.
This thing should be kept in mind by all those who are desirous of learning metaphysical sciences that limiting ideologies, extremist approach and considering oneself master of a field with an inflated sense of their abilities are only indicative of their faulty approach which can only hinder in having an undistracted and free mind. When some one is deprived from the blessing of having a liberal and unbiased approach, doubts and whims swallow up
the natural abilities bestowed upon them after gripping the mind in their clutches.
This is the same sad situation about which Allah the most exalted has declared in the Holy Quran.
“Allah has put seals on their hearts and ears and there is veil on their eyes and verily there is severe retribution for them.” (Surah 2 Verse 7)”.
Svetlana Tadorovich:
Question: The theory expounded by you about telepathy suggests that you wish to reserve this knowledge for Muslims only. Do you want to give this impression to the aspiring fans of metaphysical sciences that the metaphysical sciences are the heritage of Muslims and only they could master perfection in these sciences?
Answer: Any one who really enjoys distinction to any extent in spiritual sciences his thinking approach recedes away from materialism accordingly. And he sees every phenomenon of life engulfed in radiating lights.
It becomes his established belief that every ability solely depends upon the soul. He knows and knows it well that the whole of mankind is bestowed with spiritual potentialities and every one can take advantage of latent abilities of his soul.
When one contemplates on the structural formation of the earth, after emerging from the limiting sphere of mankind, it comes to his knowledge that every nook and comer of the earth is filled with lights and luminescences. It also comes to his knowledge that if some terrific accident takes place the waves of that tragedy leave their lasting impressions. On that place where that accident had occurred. The accident is recorded on the surface of the earth just as some important event is recorded in the memory and stays fresh. The memories of the tragic events and incidents are left imprinted on the witnessing walls and other inanimate objects. The awe inspiring waves of the accident remain lingering and the impression of the accident remains there on the scene of the accident long after the accident itself is forgotten.
Sometimes continuous happening of gruesome and tragic events at one place intensifies this situation and that particular place becomes a symbol of horror and start appearing haunted. One feels scared or becomes putrified when such a place is visited by a person who is sensitive
or has weak nerves. The Sensation felt because of the influence of the waves emitted by the recorded film of a series of tragic events of the past is declared as the effects felt at a haunted place. The people with extra sensory perception can feel the dread inspiring waves more vividly. Thus the formidable feeling like that of the hauntedness of a particular place is not because of the memory of the people but because of the lingering waves of the preserved impressions of the tragic events.
In mystic terms such formidable feelings are caused because of the lamentations of the place about some awesome and tragic event which happened there. The mournings of inanimate objects appear to be a poetic statement rather than that of an expression of reality. But those who are endowed with a set of specially refined senses and ability to cognize the realities of the unseen realm knows it well that the cosmos is nothing but a fabulous network of the waves. Each and every wave carries a set of certain information. Small part of this information is perceived through the physical organs of the body but the major part of the information requires
the extrasensory perception for their proper cognition.
A spiritual associate is that person who after learning the use of extra refined senses witnesses the world in much broader perspective and has informations of much larger vista. No spiritualist confines any part of any knowledge for any particular nation or for that matter for any class of people. Spiritual sciences are the heritage of the whole of mankind.
Every Individual or every nation has a divine right to acquire the divine body oithe knowledge handed down by the prophets. It is particularly sad to note that Muslims have deprived themselves from the valuable treasures of the knowledge explored by their ancestors only because of their non caring attitude towards their hereditary sciences.
Whereas the non-muslim nations remain in quest of exploring the realities of the metaphysical sciences. And they have succeeded to a great extent. One of such examples is that of experiments of Russian scientists through which they established that telepathy; a branch of metaphysical sciences, is a scientific reality. Psychologists and parapsychologists of other nations are worried on their success because they know that if a nation after understanding the working of brain becomes destructive the whole mankind would be forced tor the yolk of her slavery and all the resources of the will be at her disposal.
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Spiritual Electronic Library

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Gem, the Real-time Effecting Stones.

Stone wise Effects:

AMETHYST: a stone to lift your spirits and help you meditate. Wear it to heighten your natural intuition and help you get in touch with your inner self.

OPAL: the healing stone, Carry one for strength and courage and to help guard against stress and disease. Good for marriage.

DIAMOND: the king of gems. One of the most powerful stones, it can help you achieve material wealth and prestige.

EMERALD: a precious gem that promotes creativity and perception. It also acts as a natural tranquilizer!

GARNET: the perfect stone for the executive woman. This red gem can encourage success in business and business relationships.

LAPIS LAZULI: the stone used by the ancient Egyptians to symbolize universal truth. Wear your, lapis jewelry to enhance your judgment and wisdom.

TOPS: the stone to carry if you’r trying to lose weight! Carry it to increase your self-esteem and self-acceptance.

MOONSTONE: the softly beautiful stone. It can help you fine love.

PEARL: the gem from the sea. It stimulates femininity and can also protect agaist colds.

RUBY: one of the most precious gems. Wear it to Promote your Physical beauty!

SAPHIRE: the gem of destiny. It can bring out the best within you and help make your dreams come true.

Across the Pakistan discovering the phenomenal energy inducing properties of gems and stones. In stone power, dorothee Mella tells you how 52 different gems and minerals from agates to zircon can help you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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