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In the first lesson this thing was made explicitly clear that for learning telepathy it is necessary that only one thought Is to be targeted after getting rid of distracting thoughts.
The second lesson for having concentration and ability to focus mind on one point is as follows.
Close your right nostril with the help of the thumb of the right hand. Inhale through left nostril for 5 seconds and hold the breath for 10 seconds after closing the left nostril with the small finger of the right hand. After 10 seconds exhale through the right nostril. Inhale through the same nostril for 5 seconds. Close it with the help of your thumb and hold your breath for 10 seconds. After ten seconds exhale through left nostril after releasing it from the small finger. That is to say, inhaling through left nostril for 5 seconds, holding the breath for 10 seconds and exhaling through right nostril for 5 seconds. Holding the breath for 10 seconds and then exhaling through left nostril for 5 seconds would make it one cycle. Complete 10 cycles.
This exercise is to be conducted once early in the morning before sunrise and once before going to bed. It is important that this exercise should be done on empty stomach. In the morning it could be done before taking breakfast and in the evening at least three hours after taking dinner.
After doing this exercise in the evening. Sit in a relaxing posture and close your eyes. You have to imagine now that the sky is clouded with clouds of blue color and light is showering from these clouds like rain upon you.
Initially the conscious mind resists so much that one feels giddy and has the sensation of heaviness. This sensation of heaviness is indicative of your success in this exercise.
During first few days either the imagination does not take any shape altogether or only a dim idea of the sky and the clouds appear on the screen of the mind. When practice enables you to have this imagination, with deepening of this imagination one starts having the sensation of rain drops falling upon one’s head. When this imagination is further deepened one not only starts witnessing the rain but also feels that the rain drops of light are falling and hitting against one’s body. Gradually the whole atmosphere starts appearing as that of the rainy season when one closes his eyes and tries to imagine the blue clouds and the falling rain of lights from there. When one reaches this stage that one can visualize the scene so perfectly with closed eyes that one even feels the hitting of rain drops then one is required to practice this exercise with open eyes. It should be attempted to visualize with the help of third eye that the rain of light is falling every where and the whole atmosphere is drenched with this incessant rain of light.
Completion of this concept is indicative of completion of this exercise
Javid Saleem from Lahore writes:
You have indicated two aspects of thoughts the low and the high.
The high thinking has been termed as the thinking of righteousness by you. According to religious point of view living in strict accordance of the principles of Islam is the righteousness and there we find no mention of telepathy in Islam. Telepathy, in fact, is one of those sciences which the European scientists have deduced from other metaphysical sciences. It is quite disturbing that you have conflated telepathy in Islam. I agree that telepathy has become quite an important branch of knowledge but it does not mean that one who wants to learn telepathy should also have the thinking approach of righteousness that is, he should be a Muslim.
Can you indicate even a single instance which has been experienced by our ancestors and has some co-ordination with telepathy. I would like to make this appeal to you that kindly present this knowledge in its original form and shape so that the distinction in telepathy and Islam should remain there.
Answer: As far as the thinking approach of righteousness is concerned it cannot be claimed that it is the property or heritage of only one particular nation. In fact it is another name for human values. If a non-muslim has these values he will be called a human after all. And if a Muslim does not has these values. Then he is not worthy to be called even a human being.
It has been declared by Allah the most high in Surah Maida Verse 72.
It has been proclaimed in the Holy Quran, “Those who believe in the Quran, those who follow the Jewish scriptures and the Sabians, and the Christians, —any one who believes in God and the Last Day, and work righteousness, they shall have no fear nor shall they grieve” (S:5-V:72). It has been clarified in this verse that the good deeds and actions based upon righteousness of any individual or a nation are not wasted and these are rewarded provided such righteousness is observed purely for the sake of Allah. All those deeds that are done for the sake of Allah are always based upon right mindedness.
According to the spiritualists, right mindedness enables us to become closer to our soul. In fact closeness to our soul and the cognition of the soul is the only yardstick of humanity. All the sacred and divine books and scriptures have invited man to have this thinking approach and preached those programmes which could induce the right-mindedness after having the proper cognition of the soul. Cognition of the soul is the only via media for cognition of our Lord God still living in this phenomenal world. Cognition of the soul on one hand enables us to make use of the latent potentialities of the soul while on the other it enables us to have the proper cognition of the Lord of the worlds in a better perspective of His creations. Thus the thinking approach aimed at the cognition of the inner self or the soul is the right mindedness. All the prophets strived throughout their lives to spread that right mindedness which was bestowed upon them by the Almighty Allah. It remained their mission that the thinking approach granted to them should be transferred to their fellow beings so that they could be saved from the rebelliousness and the evilness.
Now coming to this point that telepathy is not found in Islam. Telepathy, in fact, is the
name of that knowledge in which one transfers one’s thoughts, ideas and the i thinking pattern to other creatures of Allah. It had been the mission of all the prophets of God that the thinking pattern bestowed upon them under special arrangements could be presented to mankind for its benefit and to safeguard them from evil and transgressional thinking. It does not make any difference if instead of inspiration or suggestion this knowledge is called telepathy just as Allah is called God in English and Bhagvan in Hindi.
You have also asked to cite even one single instance from Islamic history that has any co-ordination with telepathy.
Once the Holy Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), happened to pass by a camel. Upon seeing the tears in the eyes of the camel he told the owner of that camel that the camel is complaining against him that he makes him carry the full load but is maltreated and is kept under nourished.
Similarly the incident of Hazarat Omer Farooq (R.A.) is recorded in the History of Islam in golden letters. During the course of war with Iran. Hazarat Sariya, the commander of Muslim army besieged the CUCmy. The enemy had reinforcement. At the same time Hazarat Omer was addressing the Friday congregation of Muslim prayer at Madina. During his address he stated, “I am witnessing the two battling forces” And he described the positions of both the sides. Then all of a sudden he called out, “0, Sariya- go behind the cliff— go behind the cliff.”
History testifies that Hazrat Sariya heard the voice of Hazrat Omer in the battle field and acted upon the suggestion which saved him from a sure defeat.
In this regard hundreds of incidents of prophets, auliyas, saints, sages and the geniuses could be cited as example.
Mr. Toufail A. Shahid from Lahore writes:
Question: I am sixty years of age I am an ardent reader of articles on telepathy and other allied the east and the west on these subjects but I have never come across any writing so inspiring, comprehensive, logical and luminary as that of yours. Now at this age when I am actually sitting on the threshold of the grave, I intend to seek your guidance that can I at this age start the exercises of telepathy suggested by you?
You know it well that at this age of mine no interest remains there. I have almost every worldly facility by the grace of Almighty, except peace of mind. You have written that the exercises of telepathy minimizes the deterioration of the brain cells, thoughts are purged automatically and the anxiety and depression finishes, can the results of these exorcises bs had at any age7 And, will these exercises have any harmful side effects for brain and heart in sixtieth year of life? Please allow me to start these exercises if the answer to this question is negative.
One more question, Please.
Can we exchange thoughts with jinni, angels and animals as it can be done with human beings? Can we influence the other solar systems by our thinking besides this world of ours? And, do the lights (thoughts) have their own distinct nature, trends and characteristics?
Answer: Baba Tajuddin Nagpuri, the renowned sage of his age not only in describing the special points but even in his routine conversations would relate such facts which had direct affinity with the laws of nature. Some times he would hint at a thing which scientifically explained the background of a wonder-working (Karamat). The listeners would instantly perceive the principles operative behind a wonder—working. At times it was felt as if the waves of light are transferring to the minds of the listeners. This also was experienced by the people who were present around Baba Tajuddin that he is sitting silently and they were feeling and understanding every such thing which was pondered upon by Baba Sahib, without having his attention consciously focused on some one his unintentional attention affected the people, they were greatly benefited from this style of Baba Sahib. This was almost a routine that if some people had some questions in their minds Baba sahib replied to them before they could utter it.
Man, Jinni and Angels
Marhata Raja Ragho Rao used to have great respect for Baba Sahib. “Whenever he would come to him or request something, his style was that of a mortal submitting something before the gods. Once Maharaja said, to the great spiritual scientist of his times.
“The creatures that are invisible; like angels and jinni, we have reportedly been informed about such things. All the divine books have mentioned one thing or the other about such creatures. Concept of evil spirits is also found in every religion but due to lack of logical and scientific explanation, people with rational approach hesitate to acknowledge any proper understanding A this regard. Experiences in this regard are also on individual level, not on the collective level. If you could throw some light on this issue.”
Whatsoever was stated in reply to the Raja’s query by Baba Tajuddin is evident of the fact that nature whispers its secrets to those who care to listen to such. whisperings. When this question was asked, Tajuddin Baba was reclining against a pillow, and gazing towards the sky. He said, “Well, we are all familiar with the heavenly bodies like stars and there is seldom a night when the sky embedded with stars is not observed by us. It is quite interesting to note that we say that we are witnessing the stars, we are familiar with the celestial bodies but in fact what is being witnessed and which realm of the heavenly bodies is known to us, its explanation is beyond our abilities. Whatsoever that is stated in this regard is not more than conjectures but still we consider that we know. Isn’t it strange that when we claim to know something we do not bother to think whether there is any truth in this claim or not?”
“Try to understand what I am saying then tell how limited is mans knowledge. Man, in spite of the fact that he bows nothing believes that he knows too much. Forget about the stars and the heavenly bodies, these are distant objects. Let us examine the case of those things that are near to man and remain in his experience frequently. We are acquainted with the rise of day. What the day is? What is the meaning and purpose of the dawning of the day? What is this cycle of days and nights? We know nothing. The only statement made in this regard is that this is the day and then the night follows it. Or vice versa. This is the practice of mankind.”
“Ragho Rao! just consider, can this answer satisfy a serious minded person? The day and night are not invisible phenomena like angels and jinni. These are one of those manifestations which cannot be denied. You might be saying that the day and night are believable because they can be witnessed. But don’t forget the function of thinking operative behind the sight. The tongue cannot tell anything about the things seen if thinking is not operative to support it.”
“The relation between thinking and sight is clear enough. The whole process, in fact, is nothing but thinking. Without thinking, sight is merely an inarticulate silhouette. Thinking is the basis and origin of all our experiences. Similar is the case of other senses. All the senses are deaf, dumb and blind if thinking is not functional behind them.”
“Thinking gives meanings to the perceiving senses. Ordinarily it is considered that the senses and the thinking are two different things but actually it is not so. Man is only a set of thoughts, or to say, he is nothing but a pattern of thinking. Similarly the angels, jinni and every creature having any awareness of its surroundings merely
is a pattern of thinking.”
“During the course of this discussion we happened to reach such a point where many secrets of the cosmos would reveal.” He said, and continued, “Listen carefully, many things keep on emerging in our thoughts. These things enter our thoughts from the outside. In fact, man keeps on accepting the influence of thinking of other creatures just as he is affected by the thinking of other fellow human beings. Nature keeps on feeding the limited thinking from the limitless thinking. If it would not have been so the relationship existing between the individuals of the universe would have perished. It is the divine scheme of mother nature that thinking of the one should be affecting the thinking of others. Man is incarcerated in dust, jinni are silhouettes and the angels are the thoughts confined in most subtle achromatic light known as noor. All these three types of thinkings are the universe. If they do not remain in contact with one another and the waves of one’s thinking are not received by the other, the link would naturally be disintegrated and the cosmos would collapse eventually.”
“To prove it, it could be said, that in our thinking we are quite familiar with the silhouettes and other things similar to them and besides that we are also mentally acquainted with things embodied with Sight and its various forms although our own experiences are associated with the material realm of the dust.
In general terms thinking is denominated as ‘ego’. This ego or thinking pattern is a conglomeration of such conditions that are collectively known as ‘individual’. The stars and the particles are the creation of similar type. Either it does not occur to us altogether or we are not fully conscious of this fact that exchange of thoughts, keeps on taking place between stars, planets, particles and all the creatures contribute a lot in our thinking and the waves of our thinking also contribute in their thoughts. In fact the whole universe is like a family busily exchanging thoughts between its individuals. The jinni and angels are more close to us in their thinking patterns and, therefore, they are more habituated with us.”
Tajuddin Baba Auliya said, still staring at the sky, “we are connected to the galaxial systems and have an established link with them. The thoughts that keep on emerging in our mind reach us from far off distant inhabiting systems through the light. Light waves cany the different pictorial representations of thoughts that are termed fantasy, idea, imagination and thinking etc. We consider them to be our own whims or thoughts but in fact it not so. Thinking patterns of all the creatures have a common point and the very common point after collecting all the pictorial representations of thoughts inform us about them. This knowledge depends upon the conscious of the individuals and the species. The pictorial representations are molded into that pattern which is adopted by the conscious according to the values of its ego.
Here it would not be out of place to mention that three types of creatures resemble the most in their behavior and attitude and these have been mentioned as man, angels and jinni in the Holy Quran.
These three species are found in all the galaxial systems of the cosmos. Nature has devised such a system that all these three species have become the creative workers. The waves of creation are dispersed in the universe from their minds and when these waves reach at a certain point after covering specific distance a phenomenon or a manifestation comes into being.”
“As I have already said, thinking, ego and person are one and the same thing. Because of the difference of the words they may appear to be different things but they are not. Now the question is what this person, ego or the thinking pattern is? It is that entity which is made up of incalculable forms and figures of moods, conditions, states, feelings and faculties. Sight, hearing, articulation, love, pity, sacrifice, plight, ambulation etcetra etcetra, each of these states has a particular form and figure. In fact, nature has collected such countless forms and figures in one single capsule in such a manner that despite retaining their individuality these forms have been shaped into one single body. Thus a man has thousands of layers all encased in one single body. Similar is the case of the angels and jinni. This type of formation is specified for them only because they have more layers than any other creature of the universe. In the universe there are uni-layered as well as multi-layered Species though the numbers of the layers in one species are always the same.
Man is inhabiting inestimable planets and the variety of their types is unimaginably large and the same can be stated about the angels and jinni. Each stratum of man, angel or that of a jinn is an everlasting state. Some of the strata are ostensibly bright and vibrant and some remain latent. When me movement of a stratum becomes manifested, it enters the conscious whereas when it is latent it remains in the unconscious. Results of a manifested movement are termed as inventions or discoveries by the man but the results of the latent movement do not occur to the conscious though they are more important and more significant in their nature. Here this secret demands profound deliberation that the whole universe is full of manifestations resulting from the latent movement. Now these manifestations are not the eventual product of the man’s unconscious alone. The latent inner of man could not manage to remain in continuous contact with far off and remote comers of the cosmos. Man’s own characteristics are responsible for this weakness. Why has he incarcerated his thinking in dust? This thing is beyond the comprehension of man’s conscious. Any creature that is handicapped because of the ties of time and space cannot meet the requirements of the thinking operative on cosmic level, therefore, to fill in the cosmic gaps angels and jinni were created. In fact the human thinking alone was not able to produce all those manifestations that were necessary for the completion of the universe.
Cosmos is the name of spatio-temporal distances formed by the varying intermingled waves of the ego. Time and space, in fact, are two different forms of this variation. The result of intermingling of waves and the basis of all the manifestations is ‘dukhan’ about which our knowledge is in its infancy. Here ‘Dukhan’ is not to be taken as smoke. Smoke is visible whereas dukan’ is invisible smoke. Man is the product of positive ‘dukhan’ and jinni are that of the negative ‘dukhan”. Whereas the angel is produced from the essence of both of these. These three ingredients are the foundations of the visible and invisible realms of the cosmos that would remain devoid of any undulation without them resulting in non-existence of our conscious and unconscious away from life. A queer relationship exists between these three species. One of the states of the positive ‘dukhan is the sweetness circulating in large quantity in the human blood. The negative state of ‘dukhan’ is known as salinity. Large quantity of salt is found in jinni. Angels are the compounded form of both of these two states. If the positive state is decreased in man and the negative state of ‘dukhan’ i.e. salt is increased then the abilities of jinni are aroused in man and he starts behaving like jinni. If the positive stme of ‘dukhan’ i.e. sugar is increased and the negative state of ‘dukhan’ i.e. salt is reduced in jinni then gravity will be produced in it resulting the production of weight in them and their physical embodiment. This law is equally valid for angels too. If the positive and negative both surges above the appointed level, then because of the positive ‘dukhan’ it can produce the human qualities and because of the negative ‘dukhan” the qualities of the jinni are produced in angels.
Similarly if the positive and negative states of ‘dukhan’ are decreased in man from the fixed level, he would start behaving like an angel. Method is quite Simple and easy. By reducing the routine intakes of salt and sugar one can be emancipated temporarily from spatio-temporal restriction like angels. And, by reducing the quantity of sugar only the spatio-temporal restrictions can be avoided like jinni. But for acting upon any of such methods guidance of a spiritual person is extremely necessary.”
The founder of the Qalander Conscious and the grand son of Hazrat Tajuddin Baba Nagpuri, Qalander Baba Auliya has stated an event of the regardful ness of a lion and has given its scientific explanation thereof. He states, Once, grand father, Tajuddin climbed a hill in the jungle of Waki Sharif (India) with a few others. When someone hinted about the presence of lions in the jungle, he smilingly said that he who fears the lion may go back while he himself intends to rest there for a while and most probably the lion would come but don’t bother and let him stay. Few of us hid ourselves in the nearby trees and bushes and most left the scene for their good. It was the summer season, cool breeze and the shade of the foliage were intoxicating ly tranquil, grand father chose to lie down on the thick grass and closed his eyes.
It wasn’t long before that the fright of the jungle grew intense and sense of some-thing-will-happen captured my mind. I was waiting intently. This waiting wasn’t for any Sadhr, Yogi, and Saint or for any human being, but it was for a beast, who, at least in my mind, was moving step by step. I was looking towards grand father, and then, a huge lion appeared which was climbing up the slope of the hill, very slowly, very respectfully. It was advancing towards grand father, with eyes half closed, in short, when it reached grand father it licked the feet of grand father who in the mean time was sound asleep. The beast closed his eyes in ecstasy and placed his head on the ground almost touching the feet of grand father, who was still sleeping unaware of the presence of the beast. Lion, after gathering his courage, started licking the feet of grand father. This woke up gnmd father, he patted the beast on the head and said “You came, I am pleased to see you healthy, well, and now go! “The lion wagged its tail in gratefulness and took its leave.
I thought over this incident again and again, nobody had ever witnessed l!,e lion coming to grand father before. Therefore, we have to admit that the lion and grand father, both were mentally acquainted with each other. There is only way for this acquaintance; the waves of Ego (the thought waves) which interacted between grand father and the lion, were the source of their acquaintance and meeting. This is how intuition takes place in the percipients and cognizers but this incident is evident that in animals too, intuition takes place. In this regard, man and other creatures are equally alike.
This law should be remembered with great consideration that most of the thoughts coming to our mind are not related to our affairs. They belong to the nearby and far away creatures which exist somewhere in the universe. The concepts belonging to those creatures come to us through waves and when we try to establish a link between these thoughts with our life, we simply fail. Few things are worth considering regarding the waves of Ego. According to the scientists light is the only thing that has the maximum velocity but it is not that swift and nimble that it could eliminate the distances of Time and Space. But the Waves of the Ego (Thoughts) are present everywhere in the Boundlessness simultaneously gripping the distances of Time and Space in their clutches. In other words, Time and Space distances do not exist for these waves, the distance which the light waves have to cover up, existence of that distance is not even acknowledged by these waves.
Human beings are conversant with the act of articulation from the very beginning. In talking, the sound waves with predetermined meanings convey the informations to the listeners. This method is a duplication of that communication style which takes place between the waves of Ego. It is a common observation that a dumb person conveys everything with a slight movement of his lips and those who are versed with lip reading understand every thing which he desires to convey. This too, is a replica of the same methods. Animals convey their feelings to their fellows without producing any sound. In this case, too, the waves of Ego are operative. Trees also converse and communicate with one another regardless of distance existing between them. This conversation not only takes place amongst the nearby trees, but the trees at far off distances also take part in it. The same law is valid for the minerals as well. Stones, pebbles and the dust particles also negotiate with one another exactly in the same style.
Many events of prophets and people with spiritual powers are evident that only one and the same Unconscious is actively functioning in the whole universe. Every wave of the Seen and the Unseen understands the meanings of the other thought, even if they are located at the opposite poles of the universe. Understanding the significance and meaningfulness of the Seen and the Unseen is the life essence of the universe. We, with a considered contemplation about this life essence, which is our own life essence as well, can explore the conditions and situations of other planets besides that of our own planet. We can discover the thoughts of men and animals, can acquaint ourselves with activities of angels and jinni, and know the internal stimuli of plants and minerals. Continuous concentration transmutes the mind into Cosmic Unconscious and the artificial self adopted shell of our personality is emancipated from the clutches of Ego and begins to observe and understand anything required and preserves it in the conscious.
A green and tender branch of a tree tends to bend easily. We can make use of its elasticity whereas attempt to bend a dry hard wood seldom yield any results; However, it is an advantageous flow of the nature and according to the law of Allah.
“Those who strive for Allah, verily Allah open His ways to them.” Taking advantage of this law you can also learn telepathy after starting the suggested exercises.
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