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SPIRITUAL PRAYER: Explanation of the Adhān (call to prayer)

Explanation of the Adhān (call to prayer)
Adhān has been in force since the days of Allah’s friend prophet Ibrahim. When Prophet Ibrahim had
completed the construction of Holy Kaba he said to Allah:-
‘I have completed the construction’
Allah instructed him:-
‘Announce Hajj amongst the people’
Hażrat Ibrahim replied:-
‘O Cherisher! Where will my voice reach?’
Allah commanded:-
‘You announce it. To make it heard is my responsibility’
Hażrat Ibrahim asked:-
‘In which words shall I invite them?”
Allah replied:-
‘Say – People! It has been made obligatory on you to make pilgrimage to the ancient house.
All on the Heavens and the Earth have heard this. Are you not watching how they come
from far away cities saying ‘Labaik’ (acceptance of being present at ones service)’
According to another narration Hażrat Ibrahim climbed onto Koh-e-Qabas (Mount Qabas) and putting his
fingers in his ears announced:-
‘People! Allah has made Hajj obligatory on you, hence accept the command of your Lord’
After hearing this, the souls replied ‘Labaik’ from the backbone of the men and the abdomen of the
women. Hence, until the Day if Resurrection only those souls will perform Hajj who said ‘Labaik’ in
answer to Hażrat Ibrahim’s announcement, and none else.
It is our common observation that when we wish to converse with someone we try to attract their
attention towards us. There are many ways to draw attention. You can create a sound to draw attention,
you can call upon someone, you can send a message through another person or you can mentally
(telepathically) send the message.
Every religion has its way to draw attention or call its followers. In certain places the sound of bells is
used to gather people for worship, in other places conch shells are used to gather people at a point and
invite the Hindu priest to lead the worship.
Whenever a certain practice comes into force in mankind, it stays set. Only the way it is practised is
changed. In Islam the way devised to gather people at a point and to call people to worship Allah is called
the ‘Adhān’. Adhān is also worship in its own place. In Islam the one who proclaims in the name of Allah
has been blessed with respect. The Muezzin (one who calls the Adhān) wearing clean clothes stands up on
a height and with the feelings of respect and admiration and with a loud and clear voice proclaims
he then testifies Allah’s majesty and sovereignty and with that he also testifies that Muhammad is Allah’s
Prophet. After that he announces on his left and right that Prayer is blessings, Prayer is welfare and
prosperity in this world and in the hereafter. This announcement begins with the proclamation of Allah’s
greatness and ends with the proclamation of Allah’s magnificence and grace. What we are trying to imply
is that it becomes clear from the Adhān that the start of every deed and the limit of every deed is Allah.
The one who says the Adhān should have a blissful tone. His heart and mind should be enlightened and
clean. The reason for this is that with the voice the emotions are also conveyed. If the Muezzin’s emotions
are not pure and his mind is contaminated with sin then his mind will be devoid of peace and tranquillity.
When there is no tranquillity in the mind then the effect of his voice will not make an impact or attract
people. It is also obligatory on people to give the Muezzin respect and honour due to his dignified status.
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