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Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases

High blood pressure, heat, nasal injury’ and fever etc are the causes of nose bleeding.

For known or unknown reasons bleeding starts from the nostrils.

1. Green Chromatized water, before meals and once early in the morning and once before going to bed.
2. Massage Green Chromatized oil upon the nose and in the nostrils.
3. Green and sky blue light for ten minutes each, alternatively, twice a day.
4, Putting Sky-Blue Chromatized water in the nostrils using a dropper stops the nose bleed immediately.


Unclean teeth, excessive use of sweet and soar foods, indigestion, dental cavities, gastric problem, use of hard brush upon soft gums, using hard toothpicks, taking cold water after taking hot tea or coffee.


Teeth ache painfully, gums swell and sometimes even the face also shows swelling.

1. In case of pain, use Blue Chromatized water as mouthwash, many times.
2. Yellow Chrornatizcd water, before meals. Green Chromatized water. after meals.
3. Blue Chromatized Water, twice a day.
4 Massage Yellow Chrornatized oil or ointment upon the abdomen.


Eye Diseases

Inability of eyes to focus upon near or far away objects. it could be myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (long-sightedness ) or presbyopia.

Eyes feel strain, and gets tired, headache, water runs through the eyes, vision blurs.

1. Use glasses of skYblue colour for two to three hours a day.
2. lndigo Chromatized water, twice a day.
3. Green chromatized water, before meals.
4. Make two circles 2 inch apart. of 2 inch radius, on a glossy card board, fill one with red and the other with blue. make the patient to look at them from a distance of 4 feer, for ten minutes, twice a day. During gazing these cireles try not
to blink or at least blinking should be avoided as much as possible.
5. Get UP early in the morning and sit from where the rising sun could be seen. When the sun rises, look at it for one minute only. Do not see more than one minute.
6, Wash the eyes with Blue Chromatized water, in the morning and with Green Chromatized Water. in the evening.

Diseases of Circulatory System and Heart

Heart Attack
Since the heart has to work perpetually. its muscles need continuous supply of blood. which is provided to them through coronary arteries. If for any reason, the coronary arteries become congested or is blocked, reduction of blood supply results to angina or heart attack. The basic reason of constriction of veins and arteries has not yet been determined but the fallowing are considered the main causes:

Old age, high blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, obesity, luxurious life style, grief, anxiety, anger and  addiction of drugs etc.

Muscles of the heart are very sensitive, if the blood supply to these muscles is stopped for 30 minutes to 2 hours; the heart dies. The patient of heart attack suffers from great pains in the left side of the chest, which increases with movement and reduces with rest bu does not subside completely. Cold sweating, feeling weakness and difficulty in breathing accompanied with nausea and vomiting are also few of the symptoms. For exact diagnosis the medical science is using ECG.

1. Patient of the heart attack is to be hospitalized under the care of heart specialist. To cure the weakness Red Chromatized water, 2 ounces, is to be given after breakfast.
2. Turquoise-coloured Chromatized water, twice a day.
3. Yellow Chromatized water. before meals.
4. Orange Chromatizcd water after meals.
5. Follow the advice of the heart specialist.


Low Blood Pressure
Some people naturally have low blood pressure: it is not a disease. As a disorder, loss of blood, heart problem, affect of germs, nerve strain, grief, loose motions and voting can also cause low blood pressure.

If the BP is 5 to 10 degrees than the normal level, one feels giddy and if fall further one enters a state of shock and feels drowsy. In such a case he is to be taken be the hospital immediately.

1 . Besides attending to the actual cause or the Low BP, give the patient Red Chromarized water, twice a day.
2 Patient is to be lied down under the Red lights, for 15 to 30 minutes.

Psychiatric Problems

There are many reasons for this problem of depression, which could be; addiction of drugs, sudden quitting any such habit, protracted illness, worries and remaining in a state or grief etc. If a patient according to the psychiatrists, remains
continuously in this state for two weeks only then he could be declared as a patient of depression otherwise it would be considered just as a passing state of mind.
The patient of this disease remains sad, and unhappy and resulting his melancholy he loses interest in tile, becomes isolated, either gains weight or starts losing it, remains anxious and restless, ability to think properly diminishes and feel like committing suicide.

Treatment: In acute conditions
1. Apple colour Chromatizcd water, twice a day after breakfast and before going to bed,
2. Sky blue Chrornatized water, once a day after lunch,
3. Yellow Chromatized water. after dinner.

In case of non severity
1. Blue Chromatized water, twice a day, before meals.
2. Orange Chromatized water, twice a day, after meals.
3. Yellow Chrormatized water, twice a day in the afternoon.

Gynecological Diseases

Sometime milk is not produced in the breasts to fulfill the needs of the baby. Deficiency of prolactine hormone, which is excreted by Pituitary Gland and weakness of the mother’s health are the main causes of this problem.
1. Red Chromauzed water. twice a day.
2. Orange Chrornatized water, after meals.
3. Violet light upon the head for ten minutes.


Rich, fatty and fried foods and use of salt excessively, bathing with hot water are few of the causes of this problem.
White scaly particles are there on the scalp, which do not look nice,
I. Blue Chromatized water, twice a day.
2. Orange Chromatized water, after lunch.
3. Green Chromatized water after dinner.
4. Massage the hair oil, which is charged in the moonlight. Glu-e-sabz(an oil)  is herbal hair oil that has heen charged in the moonlight.


Sexual Diseases

Excessive indulgence of sexual intercourse,masturbation and sensitivity of the penis. use of alcohol. kidney stones, constipation, irritation of gallbladder, excessive consumption of meat etc are few of the causes
If it is due to kidney stones, constipation. irritation of gallbladder, few drops of seminal fluid follow urination, Strong and potent diet can cause discharge of seminal fluid, Masturbation and excessive indulgence in sex activities renders a
patient lethargic, lazy and feels pains in the body, complains burning and irritation when urinates, passes urine excessively and repeatedly, back aches, nerves and muscles grow weak, physical weakness and debility, looses temperament easily, loss of
memory, dullness, doesn’t have good sleep, loss of appetite, sex desire initially surges and subsides, usually suffers from constipation, merely the thought of sexual intercourse causes the discharge.

1. Olive-coloured Chrornatizcd water. twice a day
2. If constipation is there, Yellow Chromatized water, twice a day
3. Green Chromatized water. twice a day.
4. Massage Violet Chromatized oil upon the lower back. in circles
5. Massage of yellow Chromatized oil on and around the naval point. early in the morning before break fast.

Resulting excessive discharges, mind and the body grow weak, repeated and burning urinations, veins of the penis swell, lethargy and laziness, feels depressed, doesn’t feel like working, avoids company and wants to remain alone. Such person does not want to face people because of self pitting, grows pale, has dark shade under the eyes. eyesight dims, and has headaches frequently.
1. Turquoise colour Chromatized water, twice a day; when gets better once a day at night.
2. Yellow Chrornatizcd water before meals
3. In the morning, massage Blue Chromatized oil in circles at hip joint in the lower back.
4. Before going to bed. massage Violet Chrornatized oil over the bladder
5. To treat the constipation and gas, massage abdomen with Yellow ointment.
Mostly it is psychological, lack of testosterone hormones, protracted ailments like shrinkage of liver, cancer in any pan of the body, heart problem or diabetes, Sex stimulation almost comes to an end in the people who cautiously practice celibacy for a long time, they are not impotents. when the sex stimuli are reactivated they perform their sex obligations quite normally. Women also suffer from the deprivation of the sex desires and feel aversion from the sexual activities or they feel scared of this act.

NB: It is the duty of parents and teachers to provide the necessary information to the young generation and tell the boys and girls about the hazards of too much involvement and aversions.

Besides treating the impotency, that disease should also be treated that is causing it. See Diabetes, Heart Diseases and Cancer etc.
1. Violet Chromatized water, twice a day, till curing and then just once at night.
2 Massage Violet Chromatized oil, twice a day, at the lower back.
3. Dark Blue Chromatized water. twice a day.
4. Red Chromatized water. after meals.
5. For the deficiency of hormones; massage Red Chrornatized oil, twice a day, on the calves and in the groin.
Premature Ejaculation
Over-worrying, masturbation, sex literature, perverted thinking and due to dilution of the seminal fluid are the major causes of this problem. Besides treating the problem, such diet is recommended that could increase the viscosity of the semen.

Basically, success or failure in the sexual intercourse is directly related to with the mind. When mind remains occupied with negative thoughts, the nerves get affected and due to loss of moderation and balance, this problem finds its way in.

Peace of mind and heart boosts the will power and the sex becomes a natural activity.

Immediate discharge at the time of sexual intercourse and at times, it discharges even before the erection is complete and this cause feeling of shame.

I. Olive colour Chromatized water, twice a day.
2. Sky Blue Chromatized water, after meals,
3. Massage violet oil in circles at lower back, initially twice and upon getting better just once a day.
4. Dark Blue Chromatized water, before meals.
5. If excess of red is noticed, green Chrornatized water. before meals.


HIV Virus (Human Immune Deficiency Virus) causes the disease of Acquired Immunization. Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS, It severely damages the immune system of the patient and he suffers from one or the disease In quick succession.

This virus transfers due to blood transfusion, from mother to child and unnatural sexual activities. Its symptoms may manifest in two years or take ten. It is not incurable. lts treatment needs persistent caring and regularity.

Sky Blue Chromatized water. twice a day,
Yellow Chromatized water, before meals.
Green Chromatized water, after meals.
Red Chromatized water, twice a day.
Violet light in the armpits, for ten to fifteen minutes, before going to bed.
Get a 6 x 9 inches transparent glass sheet painted in dark green and make the patient to look at it for 15 minutes, once in the morning and once in the evening.
Massage Blue Chrornatized oil upon the joints of the neck and Violet Chromatized oil upon the lower back joints, for five minutes each, in anti-clock wise circular movements, once in the morning and once in the evening,
Massage Turquoise Colour Chromatized oil, in the armpits and groin, using the right hand thumb, for five minutes each.


Cancer is the disease that results from the harm to the blood. When a person is trapped in few specific thoughts and finds no way to get out of them, the electric current responsible for our actions turns poisonous and starts causing infection in the blood. Resulting from imbalanced flow of currents, ultra microscopic viruses are produced in the blood. These viruses  accumulate at one place and start consuming that electric current which is an essential need for the functioning of life. These viruses feed themselves upon the R B. Cs (Red Blood Corpuscles) causing leukemia, in which the White Corpuscles of blood and tissues exceed the limit. Body tries to get rid of these excessive Corpuscles in the form of various secretions. This results in overall weakness and man turns into a skinny skeleton and finally embraces death.

In another type of cancer because of accumulation of viruses, veins and arteries of the patient are damaged. This destroys the entire circulatory system, which ultimately results in death of the patient.

Cancer is of many types: it could be affecting only one part or the limb or a system of the body.

Since the electric current of the red colour is the food or the Cancer: the cancer consumes the electric current present in the Red Blood Corpuscles: the patient is deprived of the Vital energy needed for the maintenance of life. The patient looks pale and complains about pains especialy’ in the affected area.

1. The atmosphere around the patient is required to be made red, i.e., the room where the patient lives, its walls, curtains, bed sheets, pillowscovers and even the clothes of the patients should be red.
2. Red light upon the body for upto 15 minutes several times a day.
3. Red Chromatized water, 3-5 times a day.
4. Massage Red Chromatized oil upon the back of the trunk, thighs and calves, once a day.
5. Tell the patient that this disease is curable and he has to use his will power to overpower it.

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