Man is composed of three rings, or to say, it has three levels.
First ring is that of the conscious of an individual. Second is the unconscious of the individual and forms the conscious of mankind. Third is the .unconscious of mankind which is the conscious of the universe. This has been denominated as the cosmic conscious. Or to say, mind of an individual has three stages. The primary stage is the conscious of the individual which on the second level becomes the unconscious, is constituted from all the consciouses of all the individuals of a particular species and in case of man, the mankind. On the third stage comes the unconscious of mankind or the species which in fact is the conscious of the universe or the cosmic conscious.
When the mind rises from the level of the conscious, it enters the unconscious where record of all the consciouses of all the individuals of that particular species are preservedly stocked. And, when the mind enters the third level, it becomes the unconscious of the mankind which comprises of all the consciouses of all the species, this stage of the mind or the unconscious of a species is known as the cosmic conscious.
This thing clearly indicates that informations pertaining to every existing creature of the universe are found within an individual and exchange of these informations keep on taking place. And, angels and jinni also come under discussion when the information regarding these creatures are exchanged in the mind of an individual. Or in other words, the waves of the thoughts of all the creatures of the universe keep on transferring to us. A creature is recognized because of the transference of thoughts. We recognize any thing when the thought waves of that creature come to our mind. Similarly, realization of the feelings of hunger and thirst also arises when an information pertaining to them is received by the mind in the form of a thought. Someone impresses us because of the infusion of waves from his personality into the waves operative in us. Acceptance and rejection of any thought brings us closer to something or takes us away from it. Any breakage in this link of exchange of thoughts render us unable to recognize one another.
Thoughts reach us through the medium of light. In our own terms we call these thoughts whims, ideas, imagination, concept, and the thinking patterns of all the creatures have a common point and the very common point feeds us the informations about the existence of other creatures. Since man’s unconscious remains continuously in touch with the far off boundaries of the universe, therefore, after focusing our thoughts on one single point concentratively, we can relay our message even to the most remote comers of the cosmos. This is the principle behind the science of telepathy.
Man is the talking animal, who communicates his thoughts through the sound waves whereas other animals convey their feelings and thoughts without using the medium of words. This is evident from the fact that thoughts can be exchanged without any obligation of words and sounds. Man expresses his feelings and emotions through words and sounds and the animals express their feelings without using any word and sounds. And, the one for whom the feelings are expressed, acknowledges their proper understanding by responding adequately. In the story of King Solomon and the ant stated in the Holy Quran. A discussion between King Solomon and the ant has been reported. It is important to note that ant did talk to King Solomon and King Solomon did express the understanding of the statement of the ant. Obviously ants never converse in spoken words as we do. It must have communicated through the waves of thoughts and King Solomon expressed their reception
and understanding. The moral of the story is that thoughts, feelings, sentiments and emotions can also be conveyed without spoken words.
Telepathy is the art of exchanging thoughts without using any known media. If we, like Ghous Ali Shah, could concentrate our thoughts about someone then the targeted person after becoming the focus of our thoughts would start receiving our relayed thoughts. And, if after having acquaintance with the common point of the cosmos, we transfer our thoughts to that common point, the cosmos will eventually accommodate our thoughts. This is the stage about which it has been stated in the Holy Quran, “And we have made subservient to you all that is in the heavens and the earth.” The only thing is that we should be aware of the fact that all the creatures of the universe remain in constant touch with one another through the waves of thoughts and every individual keep on exchanging thoughts with other individual even if he does not ‘cognize’ it. Since we are not aware of this law of exchange of thoughts, we fail in comprehending the thoughts coming to our mind from the other creatures. Our ignorance of this law also results in deterioration of our own thoughts. The deterioration of thoughts results in weak willpower. One who has a strong willpower live more successfully than others only because of the fact that deterioration of his thoughts is reduced to minimum and his attention remain focused on a certain point enabling him to attend any assignment concentratively. Such a person has an impressive personality and can very easily convince others to agree with him. Those who do not have strong will-power are constrained to spend their lives aimlessly and without any purposeful objective. To make proper use of will-power and for strengthening it, it is necessary that we should be aware of this reality that the whole of our life revolves around the thoughts and the hidden relationship existing between the universe and its member creatures is also based upon the thoughts.
After settling upon the fact that the whole of our life is revolving around the thoughts and our relationship with other creatures of the universe is also based upon the thoughts, we have to consider as to how w$ can reduce the deterioration of thoughts. There is only one method for it and that is to refrain from dubiety and uncertainty and not to allow doubts and suspicions to enter into our minds. It is also important to note that the reason behind the weak willpower is the existence of uOllbtS in One’s mind. And for getting rid of doubts and uncertainty, we have to have this knowledge as to how a doubt is created in the mind. Only then, we would be able to live with certitude having faith. To have certitude and belief is the only remedy for remaining protected from dubiety and uncertainty.
Weakness of determination and will-power is produced because of the doubts and suspicions. As long as there is uncertainty in thoughts, a state of certitude is not possible. When certitude is not there, willpower is not there, one cannot get his thoughts implemented. Failure in implementation of thoughts results in frustrations, depression and distress. All the exercises suggested for strengthening of will power or to develop concentration are, in fact, aimed at purging the mind of dubiety and filling it with certitude.
Continuous practice and persisting concentration enable the focusing of thoughts on one single point. This state of focusing concentration helps in replacing the state of dubiety and uncertainty with that of certitude and the thoughts start becoming the manifestations because of the backing up of developed will power and determination. This is the secret of telepathy. Those who are interested in learning this art, have to Icam to focus their thoughts on only one single point. The only condition to do it successfully is, to practice persistently and whole-heartedly.
Man passes through the various stages of life in small intervals of time and utilizes the fractions of time to live his life by combining and connecting these fractions together in his mind. We either advance from one fraction of time towards the next consecutive fraction or revert back to the previous one. In order to understand this, man thinks of taking food but due to an upset stomach the intention is relinquished, how long will he abstain from it? He
has no idea in this regard. Likewise thoughts are the ingredients of his life which cither makes him successful or unsuccessful. An intention is formed, then is relinquished or is postponed whether within minutes of its formation or in hours, in months or in years, anyhow it is ultimately abandoned. This abandonment or the relinquishmcnt is the chief constituent of man’s life.
There are may things like hardships, difficulties, worries, diseases, anxiety, depression etc. etc. and to equalize all these there is one thing called ‘peace’ in which man sees all types of eases and comforts. Most of them are not real but hypothetical and for man they appear to be the easy ones. This creates the trend of inclination towards the easygoing. Actually, formation of the human brain is such that it makes him go for facilities and avoid difficulties. These are evidently two directions and man spends his life between these two directions through his thoughts. Every activity is motivated towards one of these two directions. We decide a plan, when we were organizing it, it was perfect and complete in all its aspects and its direction was also correct but it happens that after taking only a few steps, a change takes place in our mind, with this change the direction of our thoughts also undergoes a change, resulting in a net change in me direction of our activity. And the target towards which we were heading goes into oblivion. What is left with us’? Groping in the dark and taking steps gropingly. This is why only one out of millions of people takes a step which is in the right direction and is not withdrawn. It may please be kept in mind that all this is about the in-between stages of doubts and beliefs. As far as the majority is concerned, the main force that controls their minds is whim and doubt, which is ceaselessly effecting the cells of their minds. The more the intensity of doubts, the more will be the deterioration of the brain cells. It will not be out of place to mention that all the nerves of the body work under the direct control of brain cells and the activities of the nerves are the life.
Believing something is equally difficult for man as coming out of the illusions, dubiety and disbelief. For example, man presents himself contrary to what he actually is. He always hides his weaknesses and boasts about those hypothetical virtues which actually are not possessed by him.
Society and Our Belief
The society in which a person is educated and reared up becomes his belief and his mind fails to analyze this belief and this belief becomes his faith, although it is not more than a deceptive illusion. The main cause for this, as already stated, is that he poses himself contrary to what he actually is.
This type of life causes him to face many difficulties, the difficulties which he cannot resolve. It causes, on every step, fear in him that his action would prove to be futile and would yield no result. Sometimes this doubt becomes so intense that he begins to believe that his life is facing destruction and if not destroying it is in great danger. All this happens because of the rapid deterioration of brain cells, the eventual outcome of dubiety.
When the life is lived contrary to that which actually it is or is posed differently than what one is in fact, then the actions and deeds based upon this sort of life do not yield positive results. When he wants to achieve the desired results from such deeds, accelerated alterations and deterioration of brain cells changes the tracks of his practical life and either it does not yield any result or proves to be harmful or produces such a doubt which hinders and obstructs him from taking any step at all.
The mental structure or the construction of the mind, in fact, is in man’s own control. Here ‘structure’ means that the rate of deterioration of the brain cells is high, moderate or low. It is sheer luck if someone is saved from doubt, which is because of the minimum and the least deterioration of the brain cells. The faith and dearth of uncertainty in mind is directly
proportional to the successes of life whereas the intensity of the doubts and uncertainty has its direct proportionality with the failures of the life.
Deterioration of the Brain Cells
It is unfortunate on man’s part that he evaluates the knowledge and sciences granted to him by Allah, on the basis of self-made and false principles and refuses to acknowledge them as such. Light has been declared by Allah as the basis of each and every knowledge. Man was required to explore the maximum types and kinds of lights and their functions but he never paid proper attention to this and this thing always remained in obscurity. Man didn’t try to lift this veil because either such a veil never existed for him or he never paid attention to it. He never attempted to explore rules and principles governing the composition of lights. If this approach had been adopted by him the deterioration of the brain cells would have been the minimum and he would have advanced towards the belief and the doubts would not have bothered him as much as they are troubling him now. The hindrances and obstructions in his practical activities would also have been the minimum but it didn’t happen thus, he didn’t explore the types of lights nor did he try to discover the nature of the lights.
He doesn’t even know that lights also have their: specific structural formations and natures, they even have the trends and tendencies of particular characteristics. He also doesn’t know that the very lights are his life and they protect him as well. He is only familiar with the effigy of me clay and dust which doesn’t possess any life of its own. The effigy made from the rotten clay by Allah has no reality of its own. The reality is that which has been breamed in him by Allah in the form of the Soul. Ignorance of the actions of lights causes aversion from the saying of Allah m this regard. The more the aversion, the more increased will be the doubts and whims and faith and belief would also be shattered accordingly.
The spiritualists define faith as a belief in which there is no doubt.
Actual cause of the weakness in determination or that of faith is doubt. As long as reluctancy and hesitation in thoughts is there, firmness of faith is not possible. A thought after acquiring the lights of faith and firm belief becomes a manifested phenomenon.
To check the deterioration of the brain cells we have to have a developed will-power. The exercises designed by the pera-psychologists to improve will-power are basically aimed for a better pattern of certitude.
Focusing of Attention
The distance between dubiety and certitude in terms of time on one hand is one hundred years and on the other it is equal to only one split of a second. This seems to be a puzzling statement, but Allah; the most High has resolved it for our comprehension in these words
“This is the book without doubt, in it is guidance sure to those who have faith in the unseen” (S: 2, V: 2).
Here Allah the most sublime has stated two things, (1) by saying “the book without doubt” the doubt has been (legated (2) the unseen which equals to faith and certitude.
This clearly indicates that God does not allow us to have doubt or uncertainty. Only certitude and belief are allowed to remain in the mind. This very thing is called “believing the unseen” which provides guidance. The purpose of guidance is very important. That is, one thing whether seen or not, understood or not, recognized or not is believed to exist. This provides a whole lot of guidance and man is surrounded by it from all directions.
When the radiant thoughts are practiced to remain concentratively focused on one singular point so much so that the lights of dubiety and uncertainty are replaced by the lights of certitude then because of the backing of the determination it is bound to become a manifested reality.
You have read about the practical demonstration of concentrative focusing of thoughts and the resulting manifestation of certitude in the incident of Hazrat Ghous Ali Shah. Another incident of similar nature which has been narrated to us by our elders is as follows.
“When the daughter of a renowned business man attained the age of 15, one day a strange thing happened to her. When she woke up she found her hands decorated with henna. At noon, all of a sudden she had a fit of unconsciousness and then it started that on every Thursday at a particular time she would faint. Doctors started treating her for hysteria. When no improvement was observed she was taken to spiritual healers. They diagnosed exorcisms and tried to exorcise her from the evil spirits. When charms, amulets and other means of witch-doctors also failed she was taken to hakeems and local doctors. This treatment and others continued for four years. Then it started that on the day the girl was to have fit of unconsciousness she would appear to be very happy and contented. After awakening in the morning she would start making up after having bath and would wear silken clothes, and perfume herself. She would appear as a newly wed bride. When asked about this special arrangement she would very shyly say that, “He” would be coming and if I do not prepare myself he would be very angry. After arranging everything around her she would sit on a couch very modestly waiting for some one. When the sun started descending she would collapse and have a fit of unconsciousness. Which lasted till late in the evening.
A board of doctors and hakeems suggested unanimously that only the marriage would put an end to the fits of hysteria of the girl. When the girl came to know about the decision. She opposed it vehemently. Her parents did not pay any heed to her refusal and married her to a healthy youth of their family.
On the very next day of her marriage the girl turned her bridegroom out of the room threatening to disclose the secret of his impotence. The elders of the family attempted to mediate but the bridegroom was so disheartened that he divorced her. Both the families had a big row over the issue. The elders approached the groom and asked him. He stated that the fact is that as and when he went to her, he was deprived of all of his manhood. Everyone considering It a lie scolded the youth who finally committed suicide.
The merchant fervently tried to marry his daughter for the second time but to no avail. Once again they resolved on her treatment. By and by, he was told about a hakeem who practiced in a village some hundreds of miles away. Patients from far and wide would visit him. He had a curing touch and he treated people free of charge.
It was settled that they would set on the journey for that hakeem on Sunday so that on Thursday when the fit would be there the hakeem could himself witness the state of the patient and the diagnosis would be easier.
When the family along with the girl reached the village they were told that on Thursdays the hakeem does not treat patients rather he spends this time in seclusion. There was no alternate but to wait till Friday. The girl had her fit as usual and in the evening she recovered. The merchant also discovered that hakeem was an old bachelor and would avoid any suggestion of marriage; tf some one insisted the hakeem would reply that he is already married pointing towards a picture would say that it was his wife’s picture.
In short, on Friday the merchant took his place in the queue of visiting patients with a view to have his turn as early as possible. People were waiting for the door to open but it did not
open. People grew anxious and started knocking at the door. But no one was there to answer. Every body finally decided to break the door as the hakeem might have suffered some accident. When people entered the room they found the room empty and the rear door was open. Every thing was there in the room as it was except the hakeem. The picture about which he claimed to be of his wife’s was lying on the floor along with an envelope which was addressed to the merchant. When the merchant opened the envelope a letter was there. Which stated “I have divorced your daughter on Friday and now she will not suffer from the fits of unconsciousness any longer. It would be better if you return to Patna, taking the picture of your daughter along with you.”
When the merchant saw the picture be was taken aback with surprise because it was his daughter’s picture. People of the village were also surprised as to what was happening after all. Everybody was asking each other about this mysterious happening. However, the merchant returned with his daughter and her picture. The girl never had any fits after that.
Only one thing can be concluded from the events narrated by sages like Ghous Ali Shah and others that for transference of thoughts it is necessary that the attention remains persistently focused on a single point. If concentration is not there attention can not be focused on a single point/For learning telepathy it is necessary that our mind is purged from various thoughts that keep on coming to our mind and should be transfixed concentratively on only one thought. For having concentration the following exercise is suggested for those who are interested in learning telepathy.
This exercise is to be conducted once early in the morning and once before going to bed.
1. Close the right nostril with the thumb of the right hand.
2. Inhale through the left nostril for five seconds.
3. Close the left nostril with the small finger of the same hand. Hold the breath for five seconds. •
4. Remove the thumb and exhale through the right nostril for five seconds.
5. Inhale again through the right nostril for five seconds. And close the right nostril with the thumb and hold the breath for five seconds.
6. Exhale for five seconds after withdrawing the little finger from the left nostril.
This makes it one cycle. Do this exercise for five cycles. This exercise is to be carried out sitting in a relaxed posture, keeping the neck aligned with the spine. facing the north. This exercise is to be done on an empty stomach in a well ventilated place. Intake of sweet and sour foods is to be reduced as much as possible.
Besides this breathing exercise which soothes your nerves and gives you tranquility, you have to imagine with eyes closed and remaining in the sitting posture that there is a river of light (Noor) flowing and the whole world including yourself is immersed in that river of light (Noor) . This meditation is to be done approximately for half an hour.
This meditation is to be done three hours after taking dinner. Do not be bothered about the straying thoughts coming to your mind during this exercise. Do not resist them they will automatically go away. Let the thoughts come, just don’t pay any attention to them, they will disappear. You have to mind your own business, let the thoughts do theirs. After this exercise of meditation, don’t attend any worldly affairs and go to sleep.
Those who are desirous of learning telepathy are to advise to maintain their diary to note the daily events in a diary and to remain in a state of ablution or wazu.
This simple exercise will help you in maintaining your composure in your daily routines and will help you in having a perfect concentration of mind, the prerequisite for learning telepathy.
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