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Color therapy or treatment with colors

Color therapy or treatment with colors

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Colors and Health:
The light, heat and color of vibrant rainbow waves create effective vibration not only in human but animal tissues as well. This frequency creates effects on the tissues.

Specific colors affect specific glands. The details of which are as follows:

ORGAN / GLANDS COLOR (which effect)

With the help of colors every disease is treated which has been inherited since the start of mankind.

Colors & Food:
Sunlight has Mineral & gases included which is an important component of human food. Food gives us energy & strength. If we use food and light (combination of colors) together it increases energy two folds.

One day I (Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi) was inspired that sunlight has all the colors and these colors fulfill our nutritional requirements. If we store sunlight in our biological system it can fulfill our nutritional requirements. According to the program I use to sit facing towards east before sunrise and through breathing pointed my mind towards a specific aliment and stored sun rays into my stomach. As a result there was no need for food except for water and neither did I felt any weakness, however when walking it felt much lighter and the impression of walking in space was created, solid walls were seen as made of paper.

Colors & Vitamins:

Sun is an important source for the extraction of Vitamin “D”. Sunlight contains vitamins other than Vitamin D as well and every vitamin is related to some color.


The Best way of absorbing colors is to use fruits, vegetables and citrus things. The sunlight is directly absorbed in fruits and vegetables but we have to take care of color balance in our diet, by over cooking and frying a lot the colors in nutrition are lost.


All colors discharge waves of pulsation which create the feeling of cold or heat after colliding to an object. The wave length of Red color is the longest due to which the frequency created is the slowest. The wave length of violet color is least due to which it creates the fastest frequency.

Red color creates the feeling of Heat while sky blue color creates the effect of coldness. Green color is the one that creates balance.

The density of Red color limit it’s frequency and movement against this the Blue color creates the feeling of spaciousness in the environment.

Different colors create different feelings/effects e.g. Burnt (itch) by Red, Warming effect from Orange, Light warming from Yellow, Green feels no warm no chill and jujube affects cold with pinching feeling.

Color creates feelings of byte, cut, hurt, crush or hit or sting.

People don’t normally think about colors. We are inspired by viewing pictures/paintings but don’t give attention towards the nature of colors.
Through experiences it is seen that patients of Stress and Sleeplessness’ are fast cured with Violet, Blue & Turquoise Blue colors.

Red, Orange & Yellow colors extricate laziness & weakness. There is a saying of a Researcher that putting patients in Pink color environment subdues the emotions of violence and revenge. Pink color acts as a tranquilizer for veins and muscles. The effects of Pink color are now used to balance sex, family disputes, business matters and jails. Through Pink color anger is lowered. Under Pink color muscles don’t experience stress and tension. Even blind people feel relaxed in Pink colored rooms.

Red Rays are found in the following things:
Iron, Zinc, Copper, Potassium, Oxygen, Beet, Radish, Spinach, Red cherry & Red covered fruits.

Mental characteristics of Red Color:
In this color the emotions of deep interest, will power & love are involved. When the affairs of life are affected, relationships come to an end and expectations are broken and no opinion or plan works, in this condition Red color becomes predominant in the core-center of mind. When mind is under the influence of Red color, everything seems to be red.

The imbalance of Red color in the red-color center (in mind) is the proof of abnormal emotional attachment or spoiled emotions.

People who posses Red color in balance; help other people, those people keep worrying about Humanity and their race. They utilize all their abilities in favorite activities.

The people under influence of Red color spend good life. Since they cannot control themselves regarding eating, drinking and other matters, therefore, they are fatter. We necessarily pass through an era of life when Red color is predominant than all the other colors. At the time of adolescence red color becomes very powerful. It is an interesting thing that in boxers oxidized red color is dominant. The person with prevailing Red color takes special care of his/her health. Predominant Red color people are interested in bodybuilding.

This color is stimulates emotions, produces happiness and is full of life. In today’s lifestyle people mostly spend their time sitting in cars, in-front of televisions or in office and don’t exercise, as a result the epicenter of red color keeps de-activated, therefore decline surrounds them fast. The excess of Red color causes tendency of scattered-mind-ness, peevishness, displeasure and tyranny towards people.

Physical characteristics of Red Color:
Nature/Temper of Red color is Warm. This color has more constructive ability. This color creates impulse in blood, if red color is thrown on the back bone in anemia (lack of blood in body as compared to normal) then the number of R.B.C(Red Blood Cells) is increased. If a part of body is paralyzed then emitting Red rays on that part increases the flow of blood and the nervous system becomes normal and if the same rays are cast upon navel and upper limb then it creates stimulation in stiff veins.

Reddishness in the yellow epicenter increases stomach pain. The increase in red color in the lower center of throat is the cause of swelling tonsils and scratch in throat.

According to chemical analysis Yellow color is stored in Gold, Calcium, Nickel, Zinc, Copper, Platinum, Sodium, Phosphorus and Carrots, Golden Grains, Banana, Pineapple, lemon, Grapefruit & more Yellowish cover fruits.

Mental Characteristics of Yellow color:
Yellow is the color of Research. Predominant Yellow color people have keen interest in learning. Such Men/Women spend their life full of studies. Scientist, Politicians and Business People are mostly under influence of this color.

The people whose core-center of mind has more density of Yellow color then normal are Materialistic and they prefer their own benefit over others.

Any Yellow colored person is successful in worldly matters because He knows the art of making money and spending it in the right manner. Yellow color is the sunlight color, people with Yellow color are active and adopt a good lifestyle.

Yellow color stimulates the mind. If you’re ever feel anxiety then use Yellow color to write a letter. In a room where there’s no sunlight, Yellow color creates a pleasant effect on mood.

Physical characteristics of Yellow color:
Yellow color is an excellent cure for Stomach related diseases. It improves digestive strength by releasing gases from the stomach. It is beneficial in diseases such as Haemorrhoids(Bleeding), Sugar and diseases of Liver. This color removes blemishes from the body. Deficiency of Yellow color becomes a cause of diseases and it’s excess is one of reasons of Fever.


Green color exists in Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt, Platinum, Aluminum, Chlorophyll and several vegetables & green cover fruits.

Mental characteristics of Green color:
Green is a Tranquilizing color. Predominant Green color people are full of love and the rays of love spread from them which make the environment lighter, people are madly in love with them. People with prevalent green color are farmers and gardeners.

Because the Green color is created with the combination of Yellow & Sky-Blue colors, minds of people under the influence of Green color remain very active. They listen attentively to other people’s opinions. People come to them in large numbers to tell their problems and ask for solutions. These Men/Women love kids and animals and they keep happy in their company. The teachers of nursery classes have this color in them in good quantity. Due to the blending of Sky-Blue color these people have a special relationship with water, lakes, rivers and ocean. By temperament they are very balanced and don’t get angry very often but due to being soft-hearted get shocked and hurt quickly. These people tend to wear light colored clothes. Green color people are never satisfied with their work. They like to explore new grounds and they are very determined.

If the Green color becomes excessive in the Yellow center of Stomach then not only these people become emotional but also become worried of other people’s conditions, such people get affected from every feeling of life, keep thinking about the past happenings due to which stress created on stomach.

Deficiency of Green-ness in the core-center of mind becomes the cause of one-sided behaviors and narrow heartedness is shown in achieving life’s goals.

If Green color becomes deficient then normal in throat, it creates harshness in conversation and if it’s in excess than normal, the conversation becomes so soft that people use them for their own purposes.

Physical characteristics of Green color:
Green color is highly-effective for nervous system and high blood pressure. This color in itself contains the characteristics of elixir for healing wounds. It is panacea for the patients of ulcer. Most of the Vegetables are of Green color, if they are taken in any form cooked or un-cooked the effects of Green color are inhaled into the body.

Combination of Green and Blue color creates Turquoise-Blue, this color energizes skin tissues, this color is the best cure for burnt skin from sunlight and itching. It creates tightness in shrunk and skin full of wrinkles, which becomes the cause of attraction in personality.

Sky blue color exists in Aluminum, Cobalt, Zinc, Lead & all Sky-Blue colored fruits & vegetables, For example Grapes, Potato, Dried Plum and Pear, it’s also found in fish & chicken.

Mental characteristics of Sky Blue color:
Sky-Blue Color is the symbol of One-ness of God, this is a spiritual color. The Sky-Blue color in Aura indicates that this person is a master, governs a relaxed temperament and is versed with spiritual know-how. The deeper the color, relatively the level of spirituality, honesty, insight and sacredness will be high.

The people on whom the Sky-Blue color is dominant are God-Fearing, Servants of Humanity, Thinkers of the signs of God and are lovers of Prophets and Saints of God. The bearer men/women of this color believe the Thinking-Approach of Holy-Prophets as the ideal for their lives. They preach equality, brotherhood and keep away from dissension.

Physical characteristics of Sky Blue color:
Sky blue color has more importance than other colors as compared to other colors. The temper/effect of this color is cold. This is considered to the opposite of Red color. This color is very effect in treating fast Fever, reducing Mental Stress, to balance shooting pulse and relaxing the mind. Sky-Blue color helps in controlling high-blood pressure. Sky-Blue color is helpful in making nerves relaxed and to reduce mental and physical tension.

Sky-Blue color is effective following diseases.
Normal Fever, Red Fever, Typhoid, Plague bubonic, small pox, Epilepsy, Hysteria, heart convulsion, High blood pressure, thrust, Joindis, Bile, Eye diseases, Poisonous Sting, Itch, Stomach ulcer, Dental Diseases & Sleeplessness.

If there is a some reddishness in Sky-Blue color then it becomes Blue color.

Mental characteristics of blue color:
Predominant Blue color people have interest in the treatment of living beings. Doctors and Physicians are related to this color. Even these people don’t talk too much but people in their company acquire self awareness, as if these people are like mirrors in which people see themselves. Such people are calm, silent and soft humored and they posses such a quality that people feel relaxed in their company.

Physical characteristics of Blue color:
This color is effective for the treatment of blood cleaning, Swelling of Eyes, few of ear’s diseases( noise in air, eruptions in ear) Nerve Soreness, Breathing Infections/Diseases, Soreness of Lungs & Nose, Tonsils & Cough.

Violet color contains equal quantities of Red & Blue colors.

Mental characteristics of violet color:
Predominant Violet color people are sensitive and express this in different ways.
Violet color is of Artists and Painters. Until and unless we have some quantity of violet color in our selves we cannot sense beauty.
If the ratio of Red color is more in Violet color the expression of it will be seen as inclination towards sex and if Blue color’s ratio of quantity is more the situation will be opposite. Sometimes these people are lost in themselves, it so happens with good artists, there are more Spiritual potential in them, if their third eye is opened then they can see the Hidden(Ghayb). In these people the passion of constructiveness is present at all times. These people think less-for-themselves and more for the humanity and are always in the worry that somehow the humanity should get benefit from their presence. They don’t want to waste even five minutes of their lives.

Physical characteristics of violet color:
Violet color stimulates Spleen & improves repulsive strength of the body. Violet color helps in maintaining Potassium and Sodium balance. Violet color controls un-necessary stimulation of all glands including the Lymphatic Glands. This color is also useful in losing weight by controlling appetite. It reduces extreme mental pressure and the condition of stress. This color is a great recipe for deep and relaxed sleep.

Useful in the treatment of Sexual Diseases, Urinary Infections, Gonorrhea, Frequent Urination, Diabetes, All Vaginal Diseases, Leucorrhoea, Swelling of Kidneys, Stone in the Bladder.

If Yellow color is mixed in Violet, it becomes Magenta. A person under influence of this color have good managerial abilities.

— “Every person is under influence of some color and He/She sees life through the filter/glass of that color.”

The color we choose for our apparel and home are the result of our deep interest in those colors.

“If we get aware of this reality that colors are actually important then gradually the mysteries of colors on our own-self will be revealed on us.”

The colors we use for our apparel creates an effect on our environment. There are infinite shades in colors. We choose the color of our clothes through inner inspiration, which tells us which color will be good for us. It is possible that a color we do not like at this point of time may look good to us after an year. This change indicates that the flow of colors/light in our inner has changed. If we pay close attention that which colors are present in our environment, what color of clothes we normally wear and what is the color of food? Then this reality will be revealed upon us that ‘Our life is nothing but colors’.

After spending a certain time in this world, we are born in a world where the second journey of our life starts. In this world we have to confront milky light. Milky light is seen with the Third Eye.

The milky light keeps its balance and the balance of others as well, this light is also absorbed in things used by the body. This is why the things used by Spiritual People are preserved as benediction. Pure and gentle waves keep spreading out of the graves and the dispersion of these waves is called ‘Grace’. The pure and chaste inner is filled with divine light which keeps enlightening the whole environment. The people who are covered with white (milky) light waves are reticent and take out time from worldly matters in order to sit in solitude and concentrate (meditate).

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Method of treatment

Every part of the body has a specific colour e.g. blue is for treating the problems concerning the head. Neck and face, Orange is for diseases of the chest, yellow is for the problems of stomach and violet and purple is for the problems of the Sex organs and sexual diseases. Therapists treat a disease according to their knowledge and expertise, using these colours and their combinations.

When the ratio of required colours in one or more centers of the colours imbalances, it gives rise to various problems and When the colours balance, diseases are easily cured. In order to overcome the deficiency or to normalize excess of a colour, Sunlight or the artificial lights are used.

Method of treatment:
Treatment using colours is so simple that even a man of common understanding can make good use of this therapeutic system. It takes less time at an affordable cost, almost none to get well.

The following methods can be used for treating diseases under This therapeutic system:

Exposing body intermittently in the sunlight for brief intervals. Spectrum of the sunlight contains all the colours in it, and exposure of the body before the sunlight provides it a chance to absorb the colour required by it. Colours of the light are the actual remedy for the diseases; heat of the sunlight is extra thing, which the body receives.

a) Have a glass bottle of the required colour. After cleansing it with hot water, fill it with distilled water or with water that has been sterilized by boiling. Let one fourth of the bottle remain empty. If the bottle of the required colour is not available. Take an ordinary transparent glass bottle and enwrap it in a cellophane paper of required colour in such a manner the bottle is covered from all sides using transparent adhesive tape.

b) Place this bottle in the sunlight, keeping it on a wooden surface for four to six hours. The best time to treat water with coloured rays is from 10am till 4pm.

c) Accumulation of droplets in the empty surface of the bottle is an indication that the water has been charged enough. Keep the bottle properly secured with cork or stopper. If bottle of many colours are to be charged, do not place the close to another so that no bottle be over shadowed with a bottle of a different colour.

d) Dosage: Par adults: 2-ounce Chromatized Water for children: I-ounce, for babies: 1-table spoon and for infants one teaspoon

Use only plastic cups or spoons for administering charged/Chromatized Water.

In the rainy season electric light bulb can be used instead of natural light. Another arrangement for charging the tablets of sugar of milk in the bottle of required colour before the rainy season is for six hours daily for one month and during summer time, fifteen to twenty days charging or Chromatization would be sufficient.

Using glasses of various colours in front of a projector can also provide us with rays of the required colour. Even in this way the medicines can also be prepared.

Get windowpanes painted with the required transparent colour or use coloured panes of required colour on the windows from where the sunlight could come into the room and the patient could sit or lie in that light, in such a manner that light pouring into the room should fall on the affected part of the body for duration deemed necessary.

A wooden or hardboard box, installed with a reflector and a bulb of 100 watts. Having a window of appropriate size, can be used to get the rays of required colour. The window of the box is to be covered with coloured glass or a cellophane sheet of the colour needed. When the bulb would be switched on the light coming out of the box can be directed towards the affected pall of body from a distance of about 2 feet.

In treatment of the diseases under this therapeutic system, Chromatized oil has also proved very effective. The method of preparing Chromatized oil is to charge the flax or linseed oil under the sunrays for forty days, in glass bottles of required colours or 200 hrs under the artificial light. For massaging the affected part of the body this oil is used but for using on the head or as hair oil the sesame seed oil charged with sunrays using the glass bottles of sky blue colour is recommended. This oil is very effective to nullify the effects of heat in the blood, hearing of voices and sparks or black spots seen flying before the eyes.

Glass ampoules of distilled water can be charged and Chromatized in a jar or required colour for 200 hours under the sunlight or electric lights.

Soar eyes, conjunctivitis and post operation pains of eyes can be helped to cure using the spectacles with sky blue glasses, in the day time with intervals of fifteen to twenty minutes after every two to three hours.

For treating the burns, cuts and inflammatory wounds petroleum jelly Chromatized in blue glass jars for two hundred hours under the sun’ gives, remarkable affects. It cure the wounds and burns so effectively that even the scars are not seen later on when the wounds are healed, provided that the this treatment could be started immediately after receiving the cuts of burning and should be used till the scars are there. In most or the cases just one to two week’s treatment heals the wounds perfectly.

Downlaod Complete Book and rest concerning books (Link):
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Spiritual Theory of Colours

The great Spiritual Scientist Qalander Baba Auliya tells:

“Man has so far discovered about 60 types of colours and people with very’ sharp vision only can distinguish these sixty colours, Man names the thing, which sight can perceive, as colour. light precious stones and. in the last stage. calls it water. When we see in the space and the sight reflects back upon the screen of our mind. it creates an impression. This impression is conceived as sky blue colour.

After raining, when the atmosphere is clear of dirt and smoke. the rays ofthe sky blue colour change their hue according to their position. Here ‘position’means atmosphere, which man terms high. low down.vast, ncar or away from the earth. lhese things make the blue colour deep or light and so much so that it changes altogether into different colour or colours. Between the earth and our range of sight there exist innumerable types of rays. The type of ray’s is sighted as colours. The atmosphere is filled with many things besides rays of colours. which are responsible for changes in it. The scene before our sight includes 1ight, oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases. Besides these gases some shades ofdi ftcrent intensity are also there.
Some other components also include in the sky blue colour. These very components produce different types of colours. Here this must be kept in mind that the light and dark shades also play an important role in the making of difterent types of colours
What is the actual source of light? Man does not know it exactly The distance between the source of rainbow and earth is reported to be ninety million miles, This means that the colours seen so closely are originating at such a far away distance. It is bit difficult to understand that besides rays what other things keep on dissolving in the air exist in the atmosphere. The smallest particle ofthe rays reaching us from the sun is called photon.

In Sufism. the word ‘aariz’ is used for photon,Even the word photon does not cover the exact meanings. which the word aariz carries. but it is the only closest term that can give an occidental reader some idea of aariz. It is one of the characteristics of aariz that it has no dimensions and these are so swift and fast that they come back from where they start
their journey in the very same moment after covering the whole cosmos. We cannot say what the status of photon is in this regard according to the scientists, but it is certain that aariz travels through the universe at such an incredible speed that it reaches back, from where it starts it journey. in the very same moment after traversing the entire universe, Since there are no dimensions in the aariz, therefore, when they scatter in the form of rays. they neither collide nor replace one

Space, in actual fact, is the contact of aariz with any one of the elements existing in the atmosphere.

What is this atmosphere? Atmosphere is the division of colours. This division of colours is not happening because of the aariz alone; rather it takes place because of the loops produced by the aariz, When an aariz strike against these loops it gives rise to things like space, colours and other things.

Now the question is that how the loops are formed in the rays.

We do know about the existence of stars in the galaxies; the stars which are considered to be the sun.

The distance between two stars is estimated to be five light years at the least. Wherever the lights of these stars collide they form loops because of difference In their types. Our earth or other planets are also merely loops. which are formed in the colliding lights of the billions of stars in our galaxies. Wherever the Iights of these stars collide; a loop is formed which, after accumulating more lights takes the form of a planet.

First of all a mixture of blue colour, combined with many other colours, is received by man through his head and hair. These mixed colours keep on absorbing and influencing the thoughts and feelings in him. The more one accepts the influence the more one is affected by It.

There- are billions of cells in the human brain. An electric current resulting from the frequencies of rays of colours. flows through these cells. Thoughts keep on passing through the conscious and the subconscious and more through the unconscious mind, due to this current. Thoughts and feelings keep on changing continuously under the influence of the light and dark shades of the colours. A shade, after producing its effect, leaves its place so that another type of shade could take over. The replaced shades, if they are dark enough. transform into Our feelings and rest of thoughts dissipate into thin air.

Gradually man learns to connect these thoughts with one another. The thoughts, which are not entertained, are altogether deleted. And, the thoughts that absorb in our mind become our acts and deeds. These very shades are responsible for the sorrows and delight that we experience. These make us happy or sorrowful according to their intensity. Discarded shades are discharged from the body system and which are absorbed and adopted. form our nervous system.

Since man being a biped, walks and moves around in upright position on two feet. therefore, these shades, first of all, affect his brain, Our brain has specific movements through which it causes our nervous system work for us. The hind portion of our brain: medulla oblongata, and the spinal cord play the key role in our nervous system. The sorrow and delight. which in fact. are a sort of electric impulse, enters the nervous system throuch our brain and affects the whole of our nervous sy stem.

The waves that enter the brain or bipeds are earthed through the feet after passing through the whole body. The weight and effectiveness of these waves are not uniform for all the places in the atmosphere rather it varies from place to place
because of their dividing nature As a result of this division the brain absorbs few shades more than others and the others are altogether left out.

If we lOOK at someone’s face intently, we can notice various colours on it and the most prominent of all is the colour or one’s eyes and that of the feelings which one experiences at that particular moment. Many a reflections from outside influence our feelings; some refresh us, some cause us to become pensive. some give us strength and some make us feel weak. All the brainwork depends upon those much seen things. which gradually infuse in our nerves, sometimes it works correctly and at times it does not. The brain waves produce so many impressions on a face that virtually it seems impossible to read all of
them but still a sort of film is displayed on the face that informs us about the impressions transferring into the nerves.

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Sky Blue Color Theory

The Sky., Blue Colour

As stated earlier. colours are of many types and each and every one of them has its importance. Here we shall delve into the seven colours of the rainbow.

The sky blue colour, according to the spiritualists, in fact, is not a colour. it is a combination of those waves that reach the atmosphere of our earth from distant stars of our galaxy. The rays of light from every star. traveling at a speed of 300,000/km-sec. collide and mix with the lights of other stars. The human eyes cannot See the colour of these rays. The
Iights of the stars mix up to form a dark shade, which our sight perceives as the sky blue colour, Impression of this colour permeates the human skull and all the brain cells are filled with it to such an extent that these cells cannot accommodate anything else.

Although every brain cell has a typical state and function to perform. the working of each cell cannot be studied  individually. Over all working of these cells results in the form of a fantasy, thought or feeling This atmosphere of fantasy, thought or feelings infuses in the brain neurons, Blood circulates in the brain capillaries at a faster speed. It wiII not be out of place to mention that, according to the spiritual masters, the blood in its actual characteristics is qui te different from what have been so far understood about it According to them, the impressions cast upon the brain, because of the atmosphere around us, take the form of a flow or current. which, in fact is nothing but the thoughts or fantasies.

When the atmosphere created by the sky blue colour mixes into the flow of blood, the loops resulting from the intermixing of lights of the stars become functional in the body. These loops are so tiny that these cannot be sighted by any material means but their effects can be studied in the form of certain functionalities which stimulate our nerves and the increase or decrease of the very same stimuli result in the form of disturbance in the nervous system.

At this stage the difference in the colours and their tones starts, The light blue colour produces a very weak fantasy, which dissolves in the brain in such a way that scores of shades of sky blue colour are produced in each and every brain cell. Every shade has its own typical characteristics. The first current of this fantasy is so weak that unless it is not multiplied twice or up to six times it cannot be perceived by the mind. If this fantasy remains focused on a point and
not shifted from its original position. man remains healthy and never experiences any nervous weakness. flow of this current is seldom noticed. If this current focuses on a point. even for a while, it produces remarkable effects, not only Upon the body but also at far away distances.

Initial impact of this current is felt by the brain through medulla oblongata and then it permeates the spinal cord to be further divided into the tentacles of neurons or our nerves. This very division of the current produces the senses. Sight is considered to be the most important of all the senses.

When reflection of an object or a scene falls upon the retina of an eye, it produces sensation in the epithelial cells of reuna causing a continuous flow of current in the optic nerves. If the flow of this current is in right direction man is quite healthy. But, if this current is not flowing in the right direction. the shade of the colours prevailing in the brain become darker so much so that weakness is produced in the brain cells and the nerves cannot withstand the pressure of the colours of the reflection falling upon the retina. If the situation is not corrected. the darkness of the shades results in altogether a different tone of a colour, for instance the sky blue colour becomes the blue colour. It must be born in mind that all the intermediary phases of this transformation, that takes place tn sequential succession, have their effects. In
the first phase of this transformation one becomes somewhat whimsical and with the increase in the darkness of the shade the apprehensiveness also increases. Under the influence of this state different nerves experience different changes causing an over all change in the colour.

Blue Colour

Basically the blue colour is of two types. light blue and dark blue. The brain cells are more sensitive to the light blue colour. It is the light blue colour that first of all affects the brain cells. The light blue colour prevailing in the brain cells is different from that of the blue colour of the celestial atmosphere. Thickness of every cell membrane varies and these are also capable of filtering the colours. The blue colour changes into another colour when a cell filters its blue
colour. In this way millions of cells partake in this process and it gives rise to an imagination, which in its last stage is manifested practically. Sometimes the colour of these cells undergoes changes to such an extent that it is perceived as red, green, yellow or orange. The lights entering from the outside do not have space in them rather it is produced under the
influence exercised by the brain cells upon those lights. When the influence of the brain cells fashions space it transforms the waves of light into a variety of colours reaching up to sixty in numbers, In actual fact, these very colours are responsible for the senses operative in our mind and body.

The sky blue colour acts in the brain cells according to their capacities. The sky blue colour, which actually is an electric current after entering the brain cells, is converted into space. The actions that take place on the retina are responsible for the sighting of various scenes because of the current flowing in the cells. This is the influence of the flowing current in the cells. The more powerful is the sight the more capable it is of distinguishing the current.

The influence of the brain cells converts the frequency of the waves of colours into the frequency of an altogether different colour and the blue is transformed into green, yellow, orange or some other colour. In a nutshell, we always remain surrounded by a sort of electrical current and when this electric current, after passing through our brain cells, comes
out a variety of colours is witnessed by us. All the senses, the sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste, the health and diseases become active because of this very electric current.

Effects of the Sun Light

The light affects all living and nonliving objects; plants, animals and man alike. Light is based upon colours. Every matter discharges waves of a particular type. When a metal is placed in the sun, its colour underaoes a change. Some metals are affected, quickly and some take time to be affected; even the colour of gold changes after some time. when placed under the sun.

Life of every living thing is enclosed in a covering of lights. Light has deep effects upon our health.

The, sunlight disperses into seven colours after striking against our conscious. Every man uses these colours. according to his taste and temperament, for creative or destructive purposes. When these lights are used for destructives designs, they produce such a poison. which impedes the construction and the life giving effects of these lights are destroyed.

Red and colours close to it produce anxiety whereas blue and similar colours have soothing effects. Every colour has many shades and tone, which result from various frequencies. Light produces chemical changes. Our feelings also change when the intensity of light changes.

Curative rate of colour therapy is more than any other therapeutic system so far discovered. tested and tried in the history of mankind. This treatment is economical for the patients. If the surgery is unavoidable, treating the patient before and after operation with colours help in success of the surgical operation. Colour Therapy gives best results in treating the heart problems, asthma, malaria and  fevers, pneumonia, sore eyes and other infections and, ailments of eyes.

Treatment of Carbuncles using colours is also easier and effective than other therapeutic svstems A lady whose carbuncle had spread from the neck to her lower back, had remained under treatment or ten prominent doctors, after having lost her faith, when started the treatment suggested under this systcm of treatment. she was cured in a few weeks time without having heavy doses of tranquilizers.

In burning cases this system invites every doctor to research. The burning sensation in the burnt part of the body comes toan end in minutes.

The sunlight after its absorption in the body kills the germs. relieves pains. and helps in the formation of vitamin D. which is responsible for maintaining the balance of calcium quantities in our blood, thus, preventing the bone diseases in children
and elders.

The sunlight is also helpful in healing of wounds as it tights against the infectious substances. After absorbing in the body it helps these substances excrete through natural outlets. It also helps in drying the water that accumulates in the cavities of joints, lungs and abdomen. The sunlight vitalizes the internal organs of the body including the heart and increases
the vital energy of body. which causes the sweating, and the waste materials are excreted. The sunlight improves the mental and nerve working by providing them extra energy. It also corrects the digestive system. increases the appetite and sleep and, helps in overcoming insomnia.

Deficiency of Red Blood Corpuscles occurs in the people who remain in dark or work in an atmosphere where the sunlight is not adequately available, wheres remaining in the sunlight helps in increasing these corpuscles, or to say, the sunlight also
helps in overcoming the anemia.

Even the disease like tuberculosis can be treated successfully by exposing the pauent to the sunravs for few hours daily. The method of this treatment is given as under:

Firs day, the patient is made to expose both the feet. up to the knees. in the sunlight, six to seven times, for five minutes only in each session. Next day, the time is increased to ten minutes for each session, having an interval of 10 to 15 minutes in between. Third and forth day, legs up to the naval point of the patient are exposed in the sun, for six times. ten minutes per session. From the fifth day’ the whole body of the patient is made to remain in the sunlight in such a manner that the patient is exposed to the sun for an average of three to five hours (according to the intensity of the weather), equally divided into four to six sessions, according to the tolerance and general condition of the patient. If, in the first session the front is exposed to the sun then the next session is for the back thus, postures are to be alternatively changed.Head and neck is to be kept covered during these sessions.

This may give us an idea of the energy supplied by the sun that 16-to 26- mega joules energy per sq meter per day is supplied by the sun in the form of radiations of light and heat. The average of this energy for the world is estimated to be 13 mega-joules per square meter per day whereas in Pakistan this average is around 19 mega-joules per square meter per day.

Since excess of everything, no matter how beneficial it might be, is bad, therefore, the utility of the sunlight lasts till the body feels comfort and vitality.

The factor of ultra-violet rays in the sunlight is more in those places where the sun light reaches the earth directly. The ozone layer existing around the earth reflects the ultra-violet rays back and thus stops them from reaching the surface of the earth. If the ozone covering is intact the quantity of ultra-violet rays remains moderate.

If the body is exposed to ultra-violet rays excessively, it can cause cancer, Utmost care must be taken when handling the ultra-violet or infra-red rays. This care is equally necessary for x-ray’s and gamma rays. Excessive exposure to x-rays damages the bone marrow and the bones become tragile, It can result into blood cancers like leukemia etc. Excess amounts of x-rays can irreparably damage the muscles under the skin even to the extent of injuries. These injuries can be treated with violet rays.

TV. and particularly the Coloured ones are more harmful as these emit radio active radiations. TV is like a small x-rays producing unit. Coloured TV is more harmful than the Black and White as it emits more powerful rays. Therefore caution must be exercised while watching the TV. The recommended distance. which is as many feet as wide is the screen of the TV in inches, must be kept for watching TV.

Natural light vs. Artificial Light

Scientific researches have proved that in the pinkish fluorescent tube light, the male plants nurtured well but the female plants withered, In  contrast to that. the day light bulbs, which emit bluish light helped the female plants to grow but damaged the male plants.

Growth of plants continues in the electric bulb light but they did not bear flower as early as they do in the natural light.

Animals kept in the tube light reacted almost in the similar manner. Animals kept in natural light had equal numbers of male and female offsprings. Those kept in the pinkish fluorescent light had male but the animals reared under the bluish light had all female children.

Life is growing in natural light since this world has come into being. Plants are preparing food for themselves and the animals using the photosynthesis process. The sunlight is helping the bodies to prepare vitamin D. The light is a mean of sight as well.

Those associated with poultry industry know that the light entering the chicks’ eyes activates the working of their pituitary gland, which helps them to increase their egg production. Not only in the chickens but also in animals and human beings this
gland plays an important role in maintaining the balance in the working of their glandular system.

Glands like thyroid, adrenaline and sex glands, responsible for the secretion of certain necessary fluids in the body, gradually slow down with aging. All these glands are affected by ultra-violet rays and the sunlight

People who have experienced treatment of this therapeutic system talk very high of its remedial and curative system. Fat people got smart and the thin grew bulky and developed their muscles.

In winters the sunlight falls obliquely therefore it is not so strong. Not only in the winter people suffer from the scarcity of sunlight, the people working in offices and factories also suffer from the shortage of the natural light.

Lite originates from lights. light maintains life and  finally the life ends in light. Our phy sical and mental health  depends upon the balance in the colours and the lights.

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Medication through Color Treatment

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