What is Muraqba/Meditation?

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Muraqba is where we perceive our own selves. The past and future also become present before us, and with the help of these insightful rays, a happy and prosperous life prevails upon us completely.” Khawaja Shamsud Din Azeemi

Muraqba differs from ordinary meditation, as practiced in some parts of the world, where the latter is a process in which the human mind concentrates on a spot materialistically, encompassing waves of light onto a central point, in order to induce its effect. For example, scientifically, a prism is used to refract light rays (consisting of 7 colors) resulting in producing extremely powerful rays, which can burn objects. Meditation is then a limited skill, which helps one to understand the material sphere.

Muraqba, as transcendental meditation, is a spiritual act, in which the focus of the act for mental concentration is the Almighty Creator (Allah/God), who is the most knowledgeable. We concentrate our thoughts to establish contact with Allah, so that we can be aware of all the knowledge present within the Universe. Belief is vital to all spiritual and universal knowledge, since every intention and every act is illuminated by the lights of belief.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him (PBUH), spent a large proportion of the early part of his life in the cave of Hira, upon a mountain. Here, he used to practice transcendental meditation (Muraqba) and his training by God was conducted through the angel Jib rail (Gabriel). It takes nearly four hours to reach the top of the mountain, to enter Hira. The Holy Quran is the book, which contains the laws of nature and prophet hood was declared at the age of 40.

Can we do Muraqba/Meditation?

Yes, we can. We need to look at the spiritual lives of the Prophets of Allah, who used to perform meditation regularly, for establishing and maintaining links with the Almighty. And, to know God, we need to concentrate on our thoughts. Thoughts reach us by means of light and we refer to them as thoughts, ideas, imaginations etc. What should be noted here is that the patterns of thinking in all creatures have one point in common. It is this common point or location which informs us of the presence of other creatures.

For Muslims, this common point is Allah. Prophets, peace and blessings of Allah be upon them all, are our teachers and leaders. We have to follow their teachings and practices to be successful. Hence, the practice of Muraqba is simply an act of following our Prophets’ (PBUH) teaching. We learn from teachers at schools and colleges in order to gain success in obtaining worldly knowledge, and important concepts and skills. Similarly, we are obliged to follow our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and practice his example, as he himself did for many years in the mountain cave. Even in the Holy Quran, the importance of Muraqba has been mentioned, as in the following verse:

“And remember the name of your Lord. Cut your attachments and devote yourselves entirely to him” (chapter LXXIII, Section 13-a1-Muzammil).

Every word and sentence of the Holy Quran is a law of nature for every human being, both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. These laws operate for the whole universe. There are many planets composed of different elements, but the fundamentals of law as described in the Holy Quran apply to all of them. However, its application depends on the nature and environment of the particular location in the universe, being distinguished by different compositions. This message has been mentioned in the Holy Quran several times. “There is no change in following God’s commandments”

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Benefits of Meditation (Muraqbah)

Author: Kwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi (spiritual scientist)

(Book: Muraqbah (Meditation), Chapter: “Benefits of Muraqbah” page 57-60.)

Just as through physical exercises and other practical ways, like good diet and so on, the physical condition of the body can be improved, in the same way through muraqbah, mental activities can be improved as well. We are aware of the fact that thoughts and mental conditions have a strong impact on us. When we are scared, we tremble. Our body feels like a weightless mass on the other hand, vulgar and immoral thoughts leave a person incapable of utilizing his abilities and strength because of a lack of concentration.

Rest is only perceived as lying down, denoting activity in which no energy is used or utilized. However, this description is far from the truth. Many people seem to have peace and tranquility though they may internally be worried and depressed. By having a continuing non-stop flow of thoughts, our energy decreases tremendously. By being overly attached to the web of thoughts, the brain gets tired which results in the waste of stored energy. We all know that mental concentration is a key to good health and that over-worrying weakens the immune system, which results in sickness. This all happens because the waste of energy weakens the immune system and various diseases then attack that person. When a nervous strength gets weaker then the brain becomes slower, memory is affected and weakens.

Due to weak will power, success in life can not be achieved. Life experiences have shown that mental stress eventually leads to diseases and physical ailments. Mental complications directly or indirectly result in heart disease, and gallbladder and kidney stones. Prolonged stress could result in a breakdown of the nervous system. Negative thinking leads to stomach ulcers, hyperacidity (acid reflux) as well as constipation.

To get mental peace most people try those methods that often suspend the consciousness temporarily such as alcohol, drugs, and tranquilizers. These drugs do nothing but create a feeling of self-negation temporarily. These sources not only damage health but also the nervous system and speed up the aging process.

In psychological disorders such as psychosis, life becomes stagnant. Every action has a negative side. The patient feels comfortable in a closed room. He ends all relations and communications with family members. He avoids any contact with other people and becomes insecure. Even in extremely hot weather, the patient tends to sleep with a blanket. Interest in consuming food also declines, and as the consequence the body becomes weak and emaciated.


In this state, in influence of the subconscious on the consciousness of the patient increases to such an extent that the patient starts seeing things that are otherwise hidden from the naked eye. Sometimes has sees shadows and other times has sees himself free of physical constraints in the form of a flying shadow. The pressure drawn from this imaginary flying leads some patients to leap from height=rise building. They may start hearing voices as well. The patient confines himself to an imaginary world in which he sees beautiful gardens and sees himself as the center of attention of all the residents of the imaginary garden. However, some times negative feelings take over and the patient starts crying at some dreadful scene. In other words, his senses fluctuate rapidly. Sometimes he becomes a very intelligent, talented, articulate person while at other times he is senseless and his speech becomes incoherent or gibberish.


When an attack of mental seizures happens to a mental patient whether it starts slowly of instantly it increases the flow of electrical impulses inside the brain, and since there is no outlet the pressure causes the cell walls to be broken and the outlet somehow opens up. Often when the electrical flow inside the cells decreases to a level of zero (neutral) then the patient suddenly becomes free of any thoughts. Although this is not an ailment, when the space is formed inside the main frame of the brain, the electrical flow concentrates on one side of the cells, to a point when these cells lose all memory. When this happens, the patient no matter how hard he tries to remember an event or thing can not do so. On the one hand, the flow increases to a point where the brain stops functioning. On the other hand, the electrical flow between cells becomes so irregular that the patient becomes irrational. Sometimes he claims prophet hood while on other occasions proclaims himself king.

When this condition persists, the patient may become unaware of the need of clothing or food. In some cases, the patient would continue walking endlessly. He even runs but his body never gets tired or fatigued. Sometimes stars endlessly into the space totally engrossed in thoughts. His worldly life becomes inconsistent. The need of rest and luxury goes away as well. His body holds so much a\ energy that he has to be chained for control. The mental patient may keep on talking incoherently. His eyes become shiny and magnetic. Blinking happens very rarely. For psychosis , schizophrenia and mania both major and minor tranquilizers are used which results in the following side effects; dry mouth, weaker eyesight, low blood pressure, weight gain, increase in blood sugar. Some patients also are diagnosed with jaundice. Body temperature rises; Parkinson’s disease, paranoia, anxiety, distress and confusion also are common. With that low appetite sometimes the patient becomes bedridden permanently. Other side effects like these could also happen which may send the patient into a deep coma. Minor tranquilizers are used to keep the mind peaceful and calm.

The other negative effects of these medicines are that the patient becomes dependent on them as well. Prolonged use may also necessitate the increase of dosage since after a while the usual dosage fails to be as effective as the original dose. Tranquilizers should never be stopped instantly as this could lead to other serious ailments such as hysteria, insomnia, nausea, body pain, and loss of concentration, to name a few. On the contrary, if the patient is treated with Muraqbah under medical supervision he gets peaceful and calm. In addition, the negative mentality is also weakened by it and the flow of thoughts becomes uniform. Through Muraqbah, the natural link between mind and spirit is enhanced and the man gets new energy from his own spirit. The mental state at that time is different from that of wakefulness of sleep. Hence, the deterioration of nervous system stops and the cell division goes back to a normal rate.

Physically there are two systems work in our body; the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic system. The first mentioned system controls the high blood pressure and the dilation of cornea. The latter system handles lowering blood pressure, lowering of heartbeat and contraction of cornea and movement of matter within the body. This system works without our will or discretion. For example we are bound to inhale and exhale. Even if we hold the breath for a few moments eventually we are forced to breathe anyway. Heartbeat is also beyond our control. That is why these days there are some medical experts and spiritual scientists working to devise a method or exercise through which we would be able to control the functioning of the Parasympathetic system to defend our selves against diseases and ailments and some diseases may even be eliminated altogether. On the basis, scientists have created a system called ‘Bio Feed Back’ on which research is underway.

Through muraqbah, the parasympathetic system could be controlled at will. Muraqbah bring good changes in the system. The feeling of Muraqbah takes us towards deeper calm and stillness. This state otherwise does not stay with us because the mind never stays on anything for too long. Muraqbah not only increases the will power but physically and psychologically numerous benefits are achieved as well. Experiences and observations have shown that following physical and psychological benefits are achieved by practicing Muraqbah.

􀃎 Control of blood pressure.

􀃎 Increase in life expectancy.

􀃎 Improvement in eyesight (vision)

􀃎 Reduction of fat in blood.

􀃎 Enhanced creativity.

􀃎 Less irritability.

􀃎 Improvement in the performance of heart.

􀃎 Improvement in hearing.

􀃎 Increased immunity.

􀃎 End of depression and anxiety.

􀃎 Reduction of stress.

􀃎 Increase of red blood corpuscles.

􀃎 Improved memory.

􀃎 Better decision making.

􀃎 End of insomnia and deeper sleep.

􀃎 End of fear, increase of levity.

􀃎 End of doubt.

􀃎 After the success of Muraqbah (meditation) a person is set free from the fear of witchcraft, ghosts, and all negative thoughts.


Muraqabah (meditation) of colored lights

Author: Kwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi (spiritual scientist)

verything that exists in this world is dominated by one or more colors. Nothing is of no color. Chemistry reveals that any element goes through changes, it emits specific colors. This order of the colors is the basic characteristic of any element. That is why in every element the order of color is different. The same rule applies to humans as well. A well-organized system of colors and waves works in humans. The balance of those colors and waves controls the overall health of the individual. Changing of color affects the mood of the individual as well.

Colors also play an important role in the fields of emotions and feelings. It is our daily observation that when someone hears bad or tragic news, he or she gets pale. Fear also changes the color while during anger, eyes and face becomes red.

When color of room is red, it creates a feeling of burden or heaviness but if the same room is colored blue then peace and serenity is felt. Greenery and colorful flowers help us get rid of mental and physical fatigue. However, when the same trees become leafless during autumn our feelings change as well.

The theory of colors and lights states that those specific amounts of colors are prevalent not only in the physical body of humans but also in any specific color increased or decreased or their ratio is changed, it leads to a change of feelings and emotions in an individual.

In the spiritual sciences, the color code is intentionally changed in student so that his or her mind could come close to the sub consciousness. Continued practice of muraqbah also helps in improving coloration in the senses. It is imperative that changes in the colors be done solely to improve or to awaken any specific skill. When supplementing colors and lights are not used to improve any specific sense, then normal senses are affected by it. A spiritual master always keeps his eyes on the progress of his student. When needed he can adjust the ratio of colors using his spiritual discretion (tasarraf) so that the consciousness remains functional with those changes in colors and light.

On the other hand, when these changes occur in an individual abnormally then the body malfunctions and usually manifests in physical or psychological disorders. These disorders are usually labeled as general diseases or ailments like hypertension, anemia, asthma, cancer arthritis, nervous and sensory or emotional disorders.

According to the spiritual sciences, only an expert spiritual master decides what color of light needs changing. In these decisions the personality type, mental strength, way of thinking, physical form and other factors are taken into consideration.

Using muraqbah, the following are the different methods of absorbing lights of any particular color in an individual.

METHOD-1: sit in a comfortable position and imagine the waves of color of light and being absorbed by the whole body.

METHOD-2: during the muraqbah imagine that from the sky the waves of color and light are falling and are being absorbed into your brain.

METHOD-3: during the muraqbah imagine the entire surrounding environment lit with the same light.

METHOD-4: imagine that you are immersed in the river of that light.

Medically and physiologically, each color of light has its own attributes. When the muraqbah of a certain color of light is performed, it cause chemical changes in the brain, which enables it to absorb as much as possible the light of that color. Since medical and psychological disorders are not the subject matter of this book we are not going to discuss this matter in detail. However, we will present muraqabas of color and light for such psychological disorders that occur because of mental confusion and paranoia.

NOTE: The decision, of what color of light muraqbah is to be given must be made by no other than a spiritual master.

BLUE LIGHTS: Blue lights are instrumental in getting rid of mental disorders, neck and back pain, vertebra malfunctions, depression, inferiority complex, and weak will power. The correct way to do the muraqbah is as follows:

Imagine that you are sitting beneath the sky and the blue light is falling from the sky into your head and after passing through your entire body is going to the earth through the feet.


Ms. R. Sultana from Pakistan wrote:

For the last three years, I had depression. I used to get hopelessness all the time without any obvious reason. I was aware of happiness but my life was void of it.

The muraqbah (meditation) of blue light has turned my world upside down. Within six weeks of continuing muraqbah I am feeling happy after a long time. Obviously, the blue lights have turned away the waves of sadness from me.

YELLOW LIGHT: Muraqbah of the yellow light is effective is curing digestive disorders such as gas, intestinal pain, dysentery, constipation, pyria, stomach ulcers, and similar symptoms.


Ms. S. Choudry from Multan Pakistan wrote:

“I had stomach ulcer for over two years, you told me to do Muraqbah of yellow-light, which I did. I was imagining that I was sitting beneath the sky and the lights of yellow color were falling into my head and were finally being stored in the stomach and the ulcer was being removed by it. For two weeks, I sensed that those lights are gradually reducing the ulcer. On the third week while doing muraqbah, a thought crossed my mind that the ulcer had been removed and now only the bright yellow lights were in my stomach. It has been a month since but I still get those feelings during muraqbah. I m no longer taking medicine for the ulcer and doing only the yellow-light muraqbah. I do not know how to thank you. You have given me a new life.”

ORANGE LIGHT: Its best recommended for chest ailments such as chronic cough, asthma, ulceration of the lungs, and tuberculosis.


A female patient had chronic ulceration of the lungs. The disease had reached a point where she was vomiting blood. She was told to do muraqbah of orange lights with massage of orange-light oil. Within two months the frequency of the blood vomiting dropped. After six months of the treatment, she was completely cured.

GREEN LIGHT: Muraqbah of green light is given to treat hypertension, skin disorders such as itching, eczema, discoloration of skin, gonorrhea, and syphilis.


N.S. wrote:

“ I had itching all over my body. For three years, I got treatment at various places. However, often the itching turned into a wound and the pain was agonizing. Nevertheless after doing muraqbah of green-light for six months I was fully cured by it.”

N.H. from Mianwali Pakistan wrote:

“I had sever high blood pressure for a while. Sometimes it gets so bad that even performing daily routines would become a challenge. My small children were affected by the condition as well. By doing muraqbah of green-light every morning and before going into bed and having a green light bulb in my bed room at night, my blood pressure came to normal within twenty day.”

RED LIGHT: The Muraqbah of red-lights is given to treat low blood pressure, depression, anemia, arthritis, low energy, cowardice, nervous break down, hopelessness, fear of death etc.


Mr. Sibghatullah wrote:

“ My mind always had thoughts of hopelessness. There were no obvious reasons for it. For some reason, I was always thinking negatively. With red-light Muraqbah my thinking has now changed to positive.”

VOILET LIGHT: It’s given to treat male sexual dysfunction such as impotence, loss of libido and female uterine disorders.


A gentleman from DIG khan, Pakistan wrote:

“Because of erectile dysfunction I was not fit to marry anyone. Consequently, I had an inferiority complex. Muraqbah of purple lights and the massage of purple-light oil have pretty much this weakness for me.”

A woman from Chichawatni, Pakistan wrote:

“I have been married for five years but was childless. Doctors had told me that my uterus was swollen. I went through different treatments but with no results. Finally the muraqbah of violet light and the massage with its oil has removed the uterine swelling and I am now pregnant.”

PING LIGHT: Hysteria, mental seizures, weak memory, paranoia, insecurity, negative thoughts about life, isolation, are treated with Muraqbah of Pink color Lights.


Ms. S, from Pakistan wrote:

“Constant fear and Paranoia had filled me with cowardice and an inferiority complex. Life after marriage was such a challenge for me, I was so mortified by my husband and in-laws that even when every thing was right I was afraid of something. With this, I also had the fear of God, Every act felt like a sin and I was always repenting with fear of His wrath. All this pressure made me weak and I always felt fatigued. My husband told me to do a Muraqbah of pink light. After doing it for two months, now I am confident that I will be cured.”

Mr. Salman Ansari, wrote:

“ I used to get seizures all the time. I went through some tough times. Often it happened while I was at the market. Because of falls, I was injured several times as well. On one occasion, it happened during a shower. After about an hour people took notice of that. Thereafter someone was with me all the time. God bless Mr. Azeemi who prescribed for me the Muraqbah of pink light. I have total confidence now that God willing I will be cured by it.” Download as PDF


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