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His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya has named the primary form of gases made from the light waves as nasma (aura), that is, the nasma is the name those basic waves and rays that initiate an existent. The waves of these lights in their flowing state can be taken as lines drawn upon the canvas of the universe. These lines, unlike the lines we are familiar with, are scattered in such a way that neither there is any distance between them nor these are infused into one another.

A movie film displayed in a cinema house can be taken as an example for understanding this thing. The light waves flow from an opening towards a screen for their display in the form of different forms and shapes. The lights rays emitting from the projector do not have any distance between them nor they are infused into one another and every line is carrying one or the other feature of a picture. Just as the lights after discharging from the projector turn into pictures after striking against the screen, similarly the nasma lines after passing through the space take the form of material bodies. These nasma lines are the basic component of the material bodies but unlike the rays emitted from the projector the physical eyes cannot sight these lines, these can only be witnessed by the inner or the spiritual sight. These cannot be seen even using the material gadgets although their effects have been notices by means of laboratory equipments. Reflection of the nasma has been seen and is named as aura but seeing the nasma using material equipments is still to be made possible.

Nasma are the waves responsible for the formation of the physical features of the creatures. These are of two types, simple and compound. The waves of simple and compound nasma are permeating the space and both contain forms and features. These not only transform into forms and features but also reflect these features for others.

Senses are produced from the effects of the waves of nasma. When these waves descend in the human mind, very mild pressure is produced, which remains imperceptible for the senses. This mild pressure, known as fantasy, can be related to with any activity of past, future or the present life. When this pressure increases, senses feel a vibration, which forms an out line or a sketch of a picture upon the screen of mind. This state, according to the Sufis, is known as thought.

When these waves sink deeper in their descent, the outline becomes more vivid. This is the state of imagination. Then the imagination gives rise to the feeling and when the feelings gain depth, the latent colors in the waves of nasma become evident, or to say, feelings become colorful. At this stage, the fantasy-cum-thought-cum-imagination-cum feeling takes the form of a manifestation displaying all the features in detail.

In terms of the worldly sciences we can define nasam as the lines drawn to make a drawing. If a drawing is made in such a way that only the vertical lines are used to depict a picture or a design then this is the state of simple nasma. In another case, a graph paper having vertical and horizontal lines is used for drawing pictures. The small squares of the graph paper are used as a unit of measurement for drawing the outlines and features in a sketch. Similarly the waves of compound nasam provide a base for the material bodies. Species and their specific features are formed from these very waves or lines of nasma.

According to the laws of the Preserved Scripturum, the colors transform into manifestation after filling the perception with colors, which happens only when the depth is produced in the feelings and until then these waves cannot be given the name of a color and for this reason the physical eyes cannot see them. In fact the colorless waves or the lines of nasma are the six main movements of the universe and the individuals of the universe. These waves, lines or the colorless rays multiply and divide according to their concentration at any one point. The gravity is result of the descent and dispersal of these very waves and the rotations and revolution of the very waves produce periods of time.

The concentration of these waves, on one hand, introduces us with spatiality and, on the other, with time, which is another name of the dispersal of these waves upon the mind. The descent, dispersal, rotation or circulation and their multiplication and division are known as absorption of nasma that is, the nasma takes the form and figure of a feasible object according to its requirements and physical demands. Feasible, in terms of Sufism is such a thing, which in its last stage or after its completion, can be sighted by the physical eyes. As long as an object does not start existing in the form of solid materiality, it is known as Reality (tahaqaq) or Illustrative Form (tamasl).

The spiritual sight witnesses the initial stages and the physical eyes see the creation in its final stages. Nasma, in fact, is that hidden light which can be seen with the help of the lights of noor.

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